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Tuesday 12/27 9 PM EST Perfect Dark Zero

Romier S

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Ok so Splinter Cell is BC now and I swear I'm going to get a few of you on to play since there are no excuses anymore.;) Start time will be probably be around 8:30-9:00pm. It will probably be best to start off with Perfect Dark Zero. Play until folks start dropping off, and the remaining folks that have Splinter Cell CT can move off into an adversarial game, or coop if necessary.


Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. We'll see about getting some new hosts too to make sure we can get everyone in the game and playing. I know some of you guys have been having issues joining so we'll have to do some testing to see if we can get that egregious error corrected ASAP. Hope to see you guys on Thursday night!

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I might not be on until you hit SC, but I would be up for some neck snapping action.. Though I am sure it will be my neck snapping since I have not played it all that much. All the more reason to through it in now. That game can be loads of fun if the teams are matched evenly. If you see me toss me an invite.

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Sounds good guys. Anyone afraid of Splinter Cell don't be. Best advice I can give you is before the match, go through a couple of the map tours. The game shows you all of the important spots in the map and displays arrows for where to go. It's a great way to learn the layout of the maps. If you have any questions about how to play, feel free to ask away. The learning curve honestly isn't too bad, but you gotta play to get better.

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It was a blast. Some of you guys are just freakin' unreal with the shots you pull off. I was just happy to just get a bullet into somebody by chance! (Sorry for the few "team-kills"... I take whatever kill I can:o )


The connection issues ARE frustrating. On Tuesday I wasn't able to connect at all, last night I got lucky and got in on my second attempt. Hopefully we can figure it out and get some stable games going that everybody can join.

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