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Dell's new 30" Widescreen Flat Panel LCD


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I'd pay $1,500 for it if it turns out to be a good monitor. Smaller monitors (but usually rated better than Dells) are $1,500+.


And that's the problem with being in the graphics field, if you care about color fidelity then Dell is out because they suck. The panels might be the same, but the electronics that drive them aren't as good as Apple and HP. But for non-graphics people, they are great.

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The price of the monitor has been confirmed at $2,100 beans. To go along with that, Dell also revealed the XPS 600 Renegade. This new gamer PC will bare four, yes FOUR Nvidia Geforce 7800 cards in it (taking advantage of Nvidia's new Quad SLI technology) along with an Intel Pentium processor Extreme Edition 955 overclocked at 4.2gig.


Take a look at the report on Gamespots page:



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wow thats a lot of cards lol


this from the gamespot article


Dell is also a leader in computer displays, and he showed off a new 30-inch LCD monitor, the Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP, that he is particularly proud of. Dell proclaimed that the monitor has "over three times the resolution of so-called 'high-def gaming' that comes with an Xbox 360."




next up: long distance pissing contest

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