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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Pre-Release Discussion


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You know, I love Halo, I love the Metroid series, and lord knows I've waited too long to play the next StarFox game. However, there is something about a new The Legend of Zelda game that makes me go utterly bonkers. Nintendo, you're going to make my head explode!

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Holy crap! Forget City of Heroes, I want this game NOW!


This is the vision of Zelda that was crushed by the initial pictures of Wind Waker, and I couldn't be happier to see it return. Don't get me wrong, Wind Waker was an incredible game but when I saw the first images in EGM I was mortified to see what they had done to my beloved series.


One word: Gimme!

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:shock: Wow. This is seriously badass. I, too, was a bit dissapointeed with the inital announcement of Wind Waker being cell shaded even though I loved teh game. This, on the otherhand, looks to be the Zelda game I've always wanted. :tu:

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