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Presents you got for the Holidays!!


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Well its time for the traditional thread about what you received for the holidays.


As i mentioned phil paid for a trip we took last month..

Xbox Live 12 month kit


More shirts...

*Add on a Atari T-shirt


Lots of BB gift cards which just helped me order the following DVDs

Seaquest S1

Nowhere Man The Complete Series

24 S4

Shield S4

Batman TAS S1,S2 and S3

Cinderella Man


I still have a bunch of cash which will be going towards the new Pelican Switcher, as well as a new DVD player for my room as my changer bit the big one a month back. Im thinking of getting a Core 360 as my dvd player ;)

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Things I Got:


  • Ninja Gaiden Black
  • Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
  • Shadow of the Colossus Official Soundtrack
  • A Nintendo Rehabilitation Clinic T-shirt
  • A Crockpot
  • $50 Gift Cards to Kohl's and JC Penney's (time to shop for some new threads)
  • Battlestar Galactica: The Mini-Series
  • Assorted candies and cookies
  • Toilet Paper

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Black iPod video (60gb)

Bottle of Cragganmore

Bottle of Glenrothes

Cuisinart Griddle (like the Foreman but supposedly better)

Champagne Flutes

Philips mini system for the office

Best buy gift cards

A $100 check from mom (still get the same thing every year since I was 15)

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I ask for cash only but got the usual stuff, slippers, wallet, huge box of candy, after shave, stuff like that. Also I did manage to get $475 in cash so that's going towards a 360, birthday is less than a week away so that should take care of a few games to top it off. Highlight of the morning was watching my niece rip into her gifts and toss the clothes over her shoulder just like I used to :)

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I got the following:




Tiger Woods(360)



MVP Baseball 05(PC)

64MB Memory Unit(360)

Family Guy Volume 3(DVD)

Metallica Some Kind of Monster(DVD)

Three Kings(DVD)

Training Day(DVD)

Crystal Lake Memories(Book)

Metallica This Monster Lives(book)

Assorted gift cards


This is my last Christmas at home. Moving to IL in March.

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I received the Pelican System Selector Pro 2.0 and 2 BB gift cards. One will go towards Shield s4 this week. Up in the air about what to do with the other. Was looking at the Palm T/X pda but also want to get my own ps2 as the other 2 in the house belong to the kids.


and since we're a family of gamers, I feel whatever games they get ... I've gotten :D


Anyway, here's what the kids scored:



Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Guitar Hero

Ratchet & Cllank: Up Your Arsenal

Ultimate Spider-Man

Metal Slug 4/5

Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi

X-Men Legends 2

Star Ocean

Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends

Kill Zone

Eye Toy

Operation Spy (Eye Toy game)

Need For Speed Underground 2

Burnout 3: Takedown

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Destroy All Humans


All for the ps2 except for the obvious Nintendo games. Alot of dated games but since we rarely get games when they first came out, none of these games have been played before by us.

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The 360 and games was our gift to my kids and myself. But, I also get to play these game we got for the kids:


Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time (only 2 save files = sucks, gotta share a game)

Metroid Pinball




I got the Blues Brothers 25 anniversary DVD and the Airplane: Don't Call me Shirley edition.


I'll also have a lot of fun with a book on tying a myriad of knots, which for some reason I am fascinated by.




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CASH (which is, by the way, king)

$100 Costco gift card

The nicest Coach wallet I've ever seen (to replace my worn out/dying 7-year-old Fossil)

Mom got me a new pair of glasses (I'm high index, so those are expensive) and also a new watch.

An Espresso machine

A Cookie Jar shaped like a Diet Coke can (my caffiene of choice)

Misc books and the King Kong Production Diaries DVD


I also got the present of my parents not condemning (no pun intended) me for buying my 360 (with my own $$$). Mom really hates game consoles ;)

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I also got the present of my parents not condemning (no pun intended) me for buying my 360 (with my own $$$). Mom really hates game consoles


That will only get worse, unless you "outgrow it". My relatives were perplexed that I picked up a new console and still enjoy playing video games in my thirties.

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