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FS: All my PS2 and Gamecube stuff

Jeff W

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Out with old and in with the new, I'll selling off all my Gamecube and PS2 stuff.

Ok, I've sold my Gamecube and my PS2 so these have got to go. If I trade em in at gamestop or wherever I'm gonna get screwed so I'll give you guys first crack. Wahtevers left here 3 for $20 including shipping.


Giants Citizen Kabuto


GTA Vice City w/gameguide

Red Faction

Red Faction 2

Resident Evil Code Veronica X

Resident Evil Outbreak


All PS2 games except for TMB online are in orignal cases with instructions.



Gamecube stuff:


Dead To Rights

Metroid Prime

Midway Arcade Treasures

All GC games are in orignal cases with instructions


All prices include shipping, no paypal, sorry.

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