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Upgrading ipod model question

Jeff W

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So my father wants to upgrade to an ipod video with his Christmas cash, he's not the most tech savy guy around and is asking me questions I have no clue on how to answer (I've got an Iriver). One question would be how do you upgrade to a new Ipod with your existing Itunes library? I would assume you'd just plug it in with Itunes on and it would kick into some sort of registration process? You don't have to re-install anything do you?


Also is there a need to somehow take the old Ipod off of his itunes if he plans to pass it down or sell it and if so how is that done? Would he need to format his old one to get all his info and music off and how would you go about doing that? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated as I have very little experience with Ipods, I remember it took me 2 days to get his current one set up and I don't want to go through that again.

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I've not done it myself, so if someone with experience could chime in that would be great. However, I think all you need to do really is


1) With the old iPod, change your synch settings so it doesn't actually synch any playlists to the iPod at all, then perform a synch. That'll clear all the music off it. You can do hard formats and all that lark too, but it's probably excessive.


2) With the new iPod, just plug it in (and possibly do the initial firmware upgrade, this is the bit I'm not sure on) then iTunes will ask you if you wish to associate the machine with this library, so just say yes. That bit I do know, because I keep having a paranoid moment with work machines that have had Quicktime installed on them asking if it's ok to wipe all my tunes off if I'm using my iPod for data transfer.

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