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How addicted are you?

Sam P

How often do you check-in?  

  1. 1. How often do you check-in?

    • Every other day or less - Come on, get with the program! :-D
    • Once a day - Enough to keep up to date.
    • Twice a day - Twice as up to date.
    • Three times a day - One serving with every meal. Part of a well-balanced diet.
    • Four times or greater - I practically live here!

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-My girlfriend is damn tolerant with all my video game tomfoolery, but I think she'd get nauseaous if she knew how much time I spend on this site!


-Get this, I was thinking today that the posting needs to pick up as I'm running out of new posts to read, ...or to take it straight from Carlos,

I must hit "View new Posts" at least 15 times a day.

I read them ALL.

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