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Crazy strat guide deal - 65% off Bradygames guides


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OK folks, this deal has been going for a while at cheapassgamer (Dec 20), but I didn't expect they would ship. Apparently they don't mind selling at these prices!


go to http://www.bradygames.com

make an account

log in with your account to bradygames ( you can window shop here but don't add anything to cart)


at the top of the page there is an "Informit network" - select Informit

pick out guides there and add to cart - ADD AT LEAST 3 guides

go back to Bradygames site, and guides will be in your cart with the discount from informit and the holiday discount from Bradygames.


Check out from there.



Here's what I ordered yesterday, shipped today:


Shadow Hearts: Covenant Official Strategy Guide, 0744004837, $5.25 each Quantity: 1


Final Fantasy IX Official Strategy Guide, 0744000416, $4.55 each Quantity: 1


Street Fighter? Anniversary Collection Official Strategy Guide, 0744003946, $7.00 each Quantity: 1


Xenosaga? EPISODE II Limited Edition Strategy Guide, 0744005302, $8.75 each Quantity: 1


Tales Of Symphonia? Official Strategy Guide, 0744004039, $5.60 each Quantity: 1


Resident Evil? 4 Official Strategy Guide, 0744003466, $5.95 each Quantity: 1


Shadow of the Colossus Official Strategy Guide, 0744006430, $6.30 each Quantity: 1


Devil May Cry? 3 Official Strategy Guide, 074400439X, $5.95 each Quantity: 1


Psychonauts Official Strategy Guide, 0744005329, $5.25 each Quantity: 1


Maximo? vs Army of Zin? Official Strategy Guide, 0744003121, $5.25 each Quantity: 1

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