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Games you've finished in 2006

Romier S

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You guys know the drill. It'll be the third year running we've been doing these threads, and I find them to be a great motivator for me to finish up as many games as possible. Make sure to update it as often as possible, and enjoy the games to come in 2006 LCVG'ers!




*added 1/1/06 - Dead or Alive 4 (X360)

*added 1/19/06 - Condemned: Criminal Origins (X360) Replayed

*added 1/24/06 - Quake 4 (X360)

*added 2/5/06 - Kameo: Elements of Power (X360)

*added 2/5/06 - Perfect Dark Zero (X360)

*added 3/12/06 - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (Normal) (X360)

*added 5/27/06 - Rogue Trooper (Xbox)

*added 5/29/06 - Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (X360) (Main Quest completed)

*added 6/3/06 - Half Life 2 Episode One (PC)

*added 7/16/06 - Prey (X360)

*added 8/02/06 - Resident Evil 4 (PS2)

*added 8/14/06 - Dead Rising (72 Hour Mode, Overtime Mode)(X360)

*added 8/18/06 - New Super Mario Bros. (all worlds and all star coins)(DS)

*added 9/19/06 - Saint's Row (all territories and Saint's missions done)(X360)

*added 10/21/06 - Splinter Cell Double Agent (Main game + Bonus Mission) (Xbox 360)

*added 11/06/06 - F.E.A.R. (X360)

*added 11/12/06 - Gears of War - Hardcore (X360)

*added 12/31/06 - Assault Heroes (Beaten Twice) (XBLA)

*added 12/31/06 - Okami (PS2)

*added 12/31/06 - Metal Slug (Wii)

*added 12/31/06 - Metal Slug 2 (Wii)



  • Dead or Alive 4 - Xbox 360 (Completed the story mode with all characters)
  • Quake 4 -X360
  • Kameo: Elements of Power -X360
  • Perfect Dark Zero -X360
  • Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (Normal) -X360
  • Rogue Trooper -Xbox
  • Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion -X360
  • Half Life 2 Episode One -PC
  • Prey - X360
  • Dead Rising - X360 (72 Hour Mode, Overtime Mode)
  • New Super Mario Bros. (All worlds, all star coins)-NDS
  • Saint's Row - X360
  • Splinter Cell Double Agent - X360
  • F.E.A.R. (X360)
  • Gears of War (X360)
  • Assault Heroes (XBLA)
  • OKami (PS2)
  • Metal Slug (Wii)
  • Metal Slug 2 (Wii)



  • Condemned: Criminal Origins (X360)
  • Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams (Xbox)
  • Resident Evil 4 (PS2)
  • Assault Heroes (XBLA)


Total Beat: 23 (19 new, 4 replayed)


Titles I'm working on:

Final Fantasy XII - Almost 10 hours in

God Hand - Not very far but being worked on

Lego Star Wars II - Only just started it and finishing and in the middle of EP4

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The Mark Archives of Wasted Time: 2006 Edition


Updated December 23rd - Bonus sixty-second victim claimed!



Golden Sun (GBA, 20:36)

ICO (PS2, ~6:00)

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (DS, 18:20)

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (GBA, Best Ending, 7:19:15)

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (PS2, 4:20:02 [in-game, closer to 12 hours with restarts])

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA, Best Ending, 6:00:13)

Riviera: The Promised Land (GBA, 21:56:18)

Metroid Fusion (GBA, 5:07)

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA)

Geist (GC)

Rebelstar: Tactical Command (GBA, 82% final ranking)

Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA, 3:54:24, 67% collection rate)

SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate (PC, Normal Difficulty)

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (PC, Normal Difficulty, 3 medals)

Scratches (PC)

Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams (PS2, Normal, 26:07:20)

Sly Cooper & The Thievius Raccoonus (PS2, 7:35, 83%, restored Thievius Raccoonus)

Ben Jordan, Paranormal Investigator: Case 5 - Land of the Rising Dead (PC)

Shadow Hearts (PS2, Good Ending, 23:01:32)

Freedom Fighters (PC, Have A Blast! Difficulty)

The Simpsons Hit 'n Run (PS2)

Condemned: Criminal Origins (PC, Normal Difficulty)

Sly 2: Band of Thieves (PS2, 100% Completion, 19:49)

X-Men Legends (PS2, ~18:06)

Barrow Hill (PC)

New Super Mario Bros. (DS)

Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within (GC, "Water Sword" Ending)

SiN Episode 1: Emergence (PC)

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (PC)

Half-Life 2: Episode One (PC)

Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island (GBA)

Drill Dozer (GBA, Rank: Pickpocket)

Trilby's Notes (PC, both regular game and special edition w/commentary)

Kingdom Hearts II (PS2, ~32:00, 88% Journal Completion)

Missing: Since January (PC, 2nd playthrough)

The Shivah (PC, Freeware & Deluxe versions)

The 13th Victim (PC)

CSI - 3 Dimensions of Murder (PC, Expert Difficulty, Master Ranking)

CSI - Crime Scene Investigation (PC)

Dead Rising (X-Box 360, 72 Hour Mode, Ending A)

Draqon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (PS2, 64:04, True Ending)

CSI: Dark Motives (PC, Master Ranking)

Tomb Raider: Legend (X-Box 360, 8:33:26, Medium Difficulty, 88% completion)

Saint's Row (X-Box 360, 24:43:25, 67% completion)

Yakuza (PS2, 19:12, 836 asses kicked)

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (360, 12:58, 62% total completion)

Megaman ZX (DS, Easy Mode, 8:06:12)

Fatal Frame (PS2, 7:22:32, Rank D)

The Godfather (X-Box 360, Don of NYC Rank, 32:37:43, 95.5% total completion)

Haunting Ground (PS2, 8:37:35, Ending A, Dog Lover Rank)

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS, 9:50:34, All 100 Slimes Rescued)

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (PS2, 8:56:12, Normal Difficulty, Rank E)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (360, Normal Difficulty)

Evidence: The Last Ritual (PC)

Splinter Cell: Double Agent (360, Hero Ending, Normal Difficulty)

Gears of War (360, Hardcore Difficulty, Co-Op)

Secret Files: Tunguska (PC)

F.E.A.R. (360, Moderate Difficulty, + Bonus Mission)

Elite Beat Agents (DS, Easy Mode)

Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express (PC)

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS, 7:39:54, Best Ending)

God of War (PS2, Normal Difficulty [except the last bit of the last battle], 8:17:36)

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Ryan FB's Games Finished in 2006


Games Completed:

  • Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! (Easy, Normal, and Hard Modes) (DS)
  • N (PC)
  • Cave Story (PC)
  • Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (Best Ending) (GBA)
  • Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (Best Ending) (GBA)
  • New Super Mario Brothers (100% cleared) (DS)
  • Ninja Five-0 (Easy) (GBA)
  • Metroid: Zero Mission (Normal) (GBA)
  • Elite Beat Agents (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane Modes) (DS)

Games in Progress:

  • Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)
  • Ryu ga Gotoku (PS2)
  • Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (DS)

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ANTHONY G's Finished Games 2006


Finished: New (16), Replayed (1*):


DOA4 (Finished Story Mode)

NFS: MW (Finished Career Mode)

King Kong (Finished Story)

Quake 4 (Corp)

COD2 (Regular, Veteran*)

Fight Night 3 (Middleweight division and all trophies, medium difficulty)

PGR3 (Bronze)

GRAW (Normal)


Prey (Normal)

Rogue Trooper (XB)(Normal)

Evil Dead: Regeneration (XB)

Tomb Raider: Legend (Medium)

Gears of War (Casual)

COD3 (Regular)

R6:Vegas (Normal)


Working on:


Too many.


***XBOX 360 titles unless noted otherwise***

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J.Fo's Defeated Games of 2006

(in chronological order)

  • Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (XB) - January 1, 2006
  • Ratchet Deadlocked - January 30, 2006
  • Half-Life 2* (XB) - February 19, 2006
  • Resident Evil 4* (PS2) (Including "Separate Ways" side mission) - March 11, 2006
  • God of War* (PS2) (on God Mode) - March 12, 2006
  • Chibi Robo (GCN) - April 16, 2006
  • Tomb Raider Legend (Xbox) (100% completion) - May 11, 2006
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater* (PS2) - May 19, 2006
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA) - June 16, 2006
  • New Super Mario Bros. (NDS) (All Star Coins Collected) - June 18, 2006
  • Kirby Canvas Curse (NDS)
  • Mario Kart DS (NDS)
  • Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis (NDS)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) - December 12, 2006
  • Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time (NDS) - December 29, 2006
  • Okami (PS2) - December 31, 2006

*= Denotes a game which I had previously completed.


Final Tally


(12 beaten for first time, 4 previously beaten)

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TheEvilEmpire's Mission To Finish More Than 3 Games List


Games finished:

--> 1) Guitar Hero [PS2] (1/4/06) - finished on Easy mode

--> 2) Call Of Duty 2 [X360] (2/12/06) - finished Hardened

--> 3) Gears Of War [X360] (11/13/06) - finished Hardcore

--> 4) Doom [XBLA] (12/1/06)

--> 5) Jewel Quest [XBLA] (12/21/06)

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Games beaten / completed thus far -


Need For Speed: Most Wanted (360) - Jan 2nd

Dead or Alive 4 (360) - Unlocked all characters & completed time attack with each

Devil May Cry 3 SE (PS2) - Feb 4th

Kingdom Hearts (PS2) - March 1st

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (360) - April 8th -Main Quest and all Guild Questlines completed

Tomb Raider Legend (360) - May 7th

Prey (360 ) - July 29th (normal difficulty)

Condemned (360) - Aug. 20

Enchanted Arms (360) - Sep 10 (almost exactly 50 hours)

Dirge of Cerebus (PS2) - Sep 17 (Hard difficulty) Good rental for FFVII fans

Genji (PS2) - Oct - Good for Onimusha fans - but very very short

X-Men Legends (XB) - Fun game, but I am growing weary of that perspective

Final Fantasy XII (PS2) - Just around 100 mark, fantastic game!

Gears of War (X360) - Casual

NFS: Carbon (360) -completed career mode

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (PS3) - about 12 hours -decent hack-n-slash

Gears of War (X360) - Hardcore (co-op)

Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3) - (normal difficulty) - Fantastic Shooter!

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Sadly did NOT capture the magic of the 1st - not recommended




Games working on -

Prince of Persia - Warrior Within (I will finish this before starting two thrones)

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Games Glen has finished in 2006




Final Fantasy I (GBA) - January 7, 2006

Kameo (360) - January 8, 2006

Halo 2 (Xbox) - January 14, 2006

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (360) - January 28th, 2006

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (360) - February 19th, 2006

Quake 4 (360) - March 16th, 2006

Phoenix Wright (DS) - April 22nd, 2006

Gun (360) - May 13th, 2006

Metroid Prime 2 (GC) - May 17th, 2006 - 90% complete

Tomb Raider: Legend (360) - May 26th, 2006

The New Super Mario Brothers (DS) - May 27th, 2006

Half Life 2: Episode 1 (PC) - June 8, 2006

Drill Dozer (GBA) - July 9, 2006

Prey (360) - July 25th, 2006

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (360) - August 5th, 2006

Titan Quest (PC) (Standard Difficulty) - August 15th, 2006

Dead Rising (360) (True ending and Overtime mode) - August 29th, 2006

NCAA Football 2007 (360) (National Championship won with Wisconsin) - September 9th, 2006


Working on:

True Swing Golf (DS)

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (GC)

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (360)

Max Payne 2 (Xbox)

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA)



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Tom's list of exploits



Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland (GBA - 84% - ~6 hours)

24: The Game (PS2 - ~6-7 hours)

Tomb Raider: Legen (360 - 7 hours)

Cloning Clyde (360)

Saint's Row (360 - 22 hours and 66%)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (360)

Gears of War (360 - hardcore coop)

Kirby: Canvas Curse (DS)

Guitar Hero (Easy - 5 stars, Medium, working on Hard)

Guitar Hero 2 (East - 5 stars, Medium, working on Hard)

Splinter Cell: Double Agent

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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II (XBox) using Alessia – 1/2/06

Lego Star Wars (XBox) - 7/9/06

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (XBox) - 8/1/06

Quake IV (360) - 9/2/06 (passed controller back and forth with my brother Peter)




Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360) - 70 hrs - rescued Kvatch - Arena Grand Champion, Fighters' Guild Associate, Mages' Guild Evoker, holding onto level 19 for dear life

Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II (360) - beat the tutotials, right?

Ninja Gaiden (XBox) - Level 3 (I suck)

Katamari Damacy (PS2) - Create a Star #4

Resident Evil 4 (GC) - entered the church looking for what's her face

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Sin Episodes: Emergence

HL2 Episode 1

Vampire TM: Bloodlines (Yes, Again)


Several titles through GameTap



Perfect Dark Zero



Call of Duty 2




Marble Blast Ultra

Tomb Raider: Legend




LEGO Star Wars II: OT

Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Gears of War (beaten on all 3 difficulty settings) :rock

Rainbow Six: Vegas




God of War

Shadow of the Colossus




Midway Arcade

Loco Roco


Tekken: Dark Resurrection


Nintendo DS

New Super Mario Bros

Zoo Tycoon




Neverwinter Nights 2

Dark Messiah: Might and Magic

Sam N Max: Episode 2




Enchanted Arms

Dead Rising

NHL 07

Cloning Clyde

Saint's Row



Final Fantasy XII


Devil May Cry 3 SE

Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria



Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

Killzone: Liberation

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

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Foos's Completed Game List For 2006



PGR3, 1/8, 690AP's (completed golds, rank 1, that's as good as it gets)

Kameo, 1/something, 620AP's (defeated thorne, I am still trying to find the last fruit but I am promoting it to complete)

Madden06, 1/30, 1000AP's (won a SB with the Bill's, sim'd 30 yrs., & returned to BB.)

Amped3, 3/4, 860AP's (Completed story mode, Lesser Snow God. SSG is acheivable but it has to go back to BB)

Full Auto, 3/9, 940AP'S (100% FA BFD, returned.)

GR:AW, 4/9, 400AP'S (Normal)

Burnout: Revenge, 5/20, 705AP'S (all perfects, 97%)






Blazing Angels

Tomb Radier

FN: Round3

NFS: MW, (defeated Ronnie, this game is starting to piss me off) 450AP's

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Amped 3 - 100% Completed 15/15 Achievements (Edited - 2/9/06)

Call of Duty 2 (X360) - 100% Completed (All Achievements - 2/25/06)

Dead Rising (X360) - Completed with True Ending ( 8/27/06)

DOA4 - Completed all story mode, unlocked all outfits, working on Achievements

GUN - Completed Normal Mode (4/10/06)

Kameo - Fully Completed (Need A's and Co-op Achievements)

King Kong - Completed (4/22/06)

Tony Hawk American Wasteland - Completed Story Mode (4/2/06)



Not Completed:

PGR3 - All Silvers

Perfect Dark Zero - Completed Story Mode in Normal

Quake 4 - Just started

GRAW - 5 Missions left

Oblivion - Just started

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Dean's Completed Games Of 2006

  • Dead Or Alive 4 - Completed story mode with all characters (now working on unlocking all costumes)
  • Smackdown vs Raw 06 (PSP) - Completed Smackdown and Raw storylines, including Legends Tour Story and unlocked all characters
  • Peter Jackson's King Kong (360)
  • Call of Duty 2 (360)
  • Madden NFL 06 (360) - Won the Super Bowl on ALL-PRO w/ the Pack
  • Kameo
  • NFS Most Wanted (360) - Completed Career mode
  • Gun (360) - Completed on Normal mode
  • Fight Night: Round 3 (360) - Retired my Welterweight after an 11 year career
  • Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter on Normal Mode (360)
  • Tomb Raider: Legend (360)
  • PGR3 - Completed with all Silver Medals
  • Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
  • The Outfit
  • Fatal Frame II (PS2)
  • The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II (360) - Completed both Campaigns
  • NCAA '07 (360) - Won the National Title with Notre Dame, went undefeated, and won the Heisman
  • Mario Kart DS
  • Dead Rising (72 Hour and Overtime modes)
  • New Super Mario Bros. (DS)
  • LEGO Star Wars II (360) - Completed Story Mode and all Bounty Hunter missions. Going back through to get various achievements
  • Splinter Cell: Double Agent (360) - Completed on Normal Mode with Hero Ending

  • Madden '07 (360) - Won the Super Bowl with the Colts on All-Pro (didn't get the damn Achievement though)
  • Gears of War (Hardcore difficulty)
  • Assault Heroes
  • Rayman: Raving Rabbids (Wii)

Games I currently have A.D.D. with

  • Condemned (Only a few levels in)
  • Cloning Clyde
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis

  • God Of War
  • Okami
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance (360)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)

  • Rainbow Six: Vegas (360)

  • Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
  • Call of Duty 3 (360)
  • Viva Pinata


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Hustle's List of Completed Games - 2006


Xbox 360:

PGR3 - All Gold medals in career mode

Amped 3 - Finished story mode

Kameo - Story completed

King Kong - Story completed

Need for Speed MW - Career mode completed

Call of Duty 2 - Default campaign difficulty

Quake 4 - Corporal difficulty

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Completed GAMES OF 2006


PGR3-All golds need like 4 more Platinum's to fully complete game

Call Of Duty

PDO-Agent and Co-Op Agent


Madden 06- 1 complete Season with the Jets

NHL 06- First Season on Franchise Mode Complete


FightNight 3 -Unlocked everything .. Won MiddleWeight Division on Med Difficulty

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter( Normal Difficulty)

Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 (PSP)- All Characters Unlocked 5/31/06

The Outfit - 6/5/06

Worms:Open Warfare(PSP)-Game completed 6/15/06

Super Mario Bros. (DS) -Game Completed on 6-25-6

Rogue Trooper (Xbox) Completed 6-30-06

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Nightmare 3 (DS) 7-8-06 Normal With All 4 Turtles.

American Chopper 2 (Xbox)

Phoenix Wright (DS) Finally Completed on 10-15-06

Splinter Cell Double Agent(360)Completed with best ending 10-22-06

GEARS OF WAR(360) Completed on 11-11-06

Rainbow Six: Vegas(360)Completed on 11-29-06

Call Of Duty 3(360)Completed on 12-8-06

UFC TapOut (Xbox)

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