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DVD Roundup 1/1-1/7 New Year Edition


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Happy 06 everyone. Should be an exciting year for movie fans with HD DVD formats coming later in the year..



Wedding Crashers Hot Price

Buy Wedding Crashers and one of the following and get both for $20

  • The Mask
  • Wedding Singer
  • Austin Powers
  • Starsky and Hutch
  • Ace Ventura
  • Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

Secuestro Express $19.99

The Gospel $19.99 (15,000 RZ Point Bonus)

The Cave $19.99

Dumb and Dumber Unrated Edition $14.99

Broken Flowers Hot Price

Football Movie Collection $17.99

Alien Nation S1 $34.99

Deuce Bigalow European Gigalow $14.99

Smallville S1-4 $24.99 Each

Gilmore Girls S1-4 $24.99 Each

One Tree Hill S1 or S2 $24.99



Kingdom of Heavan


Monster in Law

Upside of Anger



Million Dollar Baby

Sisterhood of Traveling Pants




Meet the Fockers

Garden State

Office Space

Breakfast Club

Tommy Boy SE

Beauty Shop

Guess Who

Girl Next Door Unrated

Shaun of the Dead


George Lopez

man of the house

XXX State of the Union

House of Flying Daggers

Kung Foo Hustle

White Chicks

Old School Unrated


Cheech and Chong Still Smokin



Wedding Crashers w/ Free Playing card $14.99

The Gospel Low Price

Dumb and Dumber $12.99

The Cave Low Price

Broken Flowers $19.99

Snatch SE $12.99

Drew $8.99

Fantastic Four Low Price

The Island Low Price

$9.99 2 pack

Aviator/Million Dollar Baby


Racing Stripers/Cinderella Story

Oceans Twelve/Starsky and Hutch

Catwomen/Miss Congeniality 2


Herbie Fully Loaded


War of the Worlds


Dukes of Hazzard

March of the Penguins



Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Friday After Next

All About the Benjamins

Players Club

Now and Then


The Big Bounce

Boiler Room

American Outlaws

Runaway Bride

Three Amigos

Oceans Eleven


Rules of Engagement

Coming to America

American History X

Love and Basketball


Dumer and Dumberer

Training Day

Menace II Society

Rush Hour

Money Talks

Last Man Standing

Private Parts

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Final Destination

Up In Smoke


Risky Business

Men of Honor

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Being that I still do not own any of the LOTR dvd's for some unknown reason is the above trilogy pack the best way (ie: cheapest) to get all 3 extended edition dvd's or is there some other pack out there? Also is that a good price or can I find it cheaper elsewhere?

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