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January Console Game Release List


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Xbox 360

1/23 College Hoops 2k6 $59.99

1/23 Top Spin 2 $59.99

1/31 Test Drive Unlimited $59.99




1/10 Samurai Shodown V $29.99

1/17 25 to Life $39.99

1/18 MVP NCAA 06 $29.99

1/23 Torino 2006 $19.99

1/24 King of Fighters 94 rebout $29.99

1/24 Painkiller $39.99

1/31 The Hustle Detroit Street $19.99



1/10 Mega Man X Collection $29.99

1/10 Wild Arms 4 $39.99

1/17 Snocross 2 $14.99

1/17 Tokyo Extreme Racer Drift $19.99

1/17 25 to Life $39.99

1/17 Ape Escape 2 $39.99

1/18 MVP 06 NCAA Baseball $29.99

1/23 Torino 2006 $19.99



1/10 Mega Man X Collection $29.99

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70% of those 360 games are scheduled to come out later in the year unfortunately. The head producer behind Dead Rising has already confirmed an April date on the game for instance. I'm pretty sure Demonik, and Alan Wake are also both knee deep in development and will more than likely not see a release for a good while. The Darkness would fall under the same boat as the publishing rights for the game have just been sold off, and we've not seen nary a screenshot of it for months. Top Spin 2, College Hoops, and Test Drive Unlimited look like the only plausible releases for January right now.

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