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January Portables Game Release List


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1/17 Ape Escape Acadamy

1/24 P.Q Practical Intelligence Quotient

1/31 Mega Man Maverick Hunter X $39.99

1/31 Spongebob Yellow Avenger $49.99



1/9 Electroplankton $34.99

1/10 Nicktoons United $29.99

1/23 Top Spin 2 $29.99

1/23 True Swing Golf $34.99

1/30 Age of Empires: Age of Kings $29.99

1/31 Paintball 06 Max'd

1/31 Tamagotchi Connection:Corner Shop $29.99



1/10 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Acadamy $29.99

1/10 Castlevania Double Pack $29.99

1/23 Top Spin 2 $29.99

1/31 Paint ball 06 Max'd $19.99

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I went ahead and preordered Electroplankton because I don't want to be forced to pay RARE L@@K prices later on, I was already kicking myself because I didn't jump on it when Outpost had it for $24.99. I lucked out on finding a copy of Phoenix Wright to avoid this phenomenon. I'll see if that Castlevania Double Pack kills the absurd prices on Aria of Sorrow (I already have HoD), if not I'll pick it up instead.


I'm also trying to get ahold of Mawashite Koron, the DS successor to one of my favorite games.

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