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MAME ROM legality idea/question


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Uh of course I have a warehouse of all of the classic arcade games so it is legal for me to play all these MAME games.


Now say for example someone had an arcade/warehouse of just about any game of interest and took one percent of this business and divided that into tiny shares and sold them to gamers. Then technically they own all these games - correct? Would that get around the whole wacky legality issue?


Actually I really can't think of any company publically coming out and attacking MAME (well maybe Nintendo), but it was just a quick idea I had...

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Nice trick, but...


The business inventory includes One (1) R-Type PCB.


Therefore, only one shareholder should be legally playing it at any time. Everyone playing it at once would be no more legal than if the local arcade decided to rip the ROMs of the one VF4 Evo cab it had bought, and run 23 emulated ones alongside it in order to run a tournament.


ROMs - illegal unless you rip your own ones.

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