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Final Fantasy XI 360 beta test signups available...

Romier S

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For those interested, the signups are now available right here:


US Beta signups


European signups


Current issues associated with the beta:


As of January 5th, 2006, the following issues and special restrictions exist on the Xbox 360 version of FINAL FANTASY XI. None of the issues or restrictions should inhibit gameplay, but updates will be made during the beta test period to address these issues as best we can. We appreciate your patience and understanding.





Special Restrictions (PlayOnline Viewer)Certain characters and fonts specific to the European region cannot be entered in the PlayOnline Viewer beta version.




Special Restrictions (FINAL FANTASY XI)Compatibility with the wireless LAN adapter (Xbox 360 peripheral) has not yet been verified for PlayOnline or FINAL FANTASY XI.


USB peripherals, excluding the USB mouse and keyboard, are not supported by the PlayOnline/FINAL FANTASY XI beta version.


Certain characters and fonts specific to the European region cannot be entered in FINAL FANTASY XI beta version.


When using a PAL-50 television, the install screen will be slightly shifted to the top.




About the USB Keyboard

The numeric keypad cannot be used to enter numbers.


The "Num Lock" and "Caps Lock" lights will not turn on.




Other Issues

The game BGM may not play when riding a chocobo.


Temporary logout from FINAL FANTASY XI and the "Vana'diel Tribune" command in the Mog House menu will not be available.


Screenshot images will be saved at a 4:3 ratio.


In the help desk sub-menu, the "I can't move my character or log out of the game." selection will be unavailable. If you encounter these problems during the beta test period, please select another item in the sub-menu to make the GM call.


The character creation screen used during the beta test is temporary, and will be subject to change in the future.


The opening movie cannot be viewed in the beta version.


The X mark that usually appears next to fish that have been registered on the fish rankings will not appear in the beta version.


Also, the beta FAQ goes over some key points. One is that it looks like voice chat will be availble in some form, but they don't go over whether its just private chat, or actual in-game chat. The second part that is of interest is that it looks as though Silver members will be able to participate in the beta. No word on if Silver Live members can access the full game (don't see why not since it's fee based).



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Registered and waiting.


Q: Will I be able to carry over my character data when the official service for FINAL FANTASY XI for Xbox 360 begins?


A: Although plans have not been finalized as of yet' date=' we are hoping to offer some form of character data transfer when official service begins.


Nice. I hope they get that to work.

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