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Dell's Renegade

Anthony G

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I don't know though...pc gaming is on the decline


While I agree that PC gaming has nowhere near the market that consoles have I still think it has a very hardcore/dedicated fanbase and I hope it lives on. I considered 2004/2005 to be a resurgance of PC gaming. In fact this last year I played more PC games than anything else. I do realize all the advantages consoles have over PC's when it comes to gaming (ie: cost, 1 platform to design games around, etc). I hate dumping $ into my computer every 2 years to keep up with the games as much as anyone else. :)

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I hope it lives on


You and me both, Cyber.


I was reading an article where the lead designer on Civ 4 (I think), mentioned how a few years ago, when pc owners were polled on what they use their pc mostly for, just over 50 percent said gaming. This guy mentioned that the latest poll has shown that number has dropped to 5 percent.




Guess you could say I'm bi - I like pc's and consoles. ;)

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