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Im Looking forward to seeing this movie some time this week... Seeing the previews all the time on TV is really pushing me to see it. I was just wondering if anyone else was looking forward to seeing this or not.


I am too. I like the fact the film focuses on the aftermath of incident rather than re-creating it. I plan on seeing Munich and Hostel sometime next week.

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I saw it a couple days ago. I'm mixed about it. It's well made, and for the most part moves along well, but the main character is hard for me to believe. Without revealing too much, I question whether someone like the main character (who is responsible for conveying the message of the film) could really exist as he does, with his particular mix of sympathy and emotional vulnerability, with an inhumane coldness. In some way he didn't quite ring true for me.


But, what I do like most about the film is the message. It's a message that is aimed squarely at today's world, even though it's following events from more than 30 years ago.

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we saw it the other day too and I found the main character very enjoyable. I didn't find him too far fetched at all and my fondness for him extended to the rest of the movie.

my gf hated it because the violence was a touch graphic for her which made her kind of tune out.


Good movie, maybe a touch long but I'd definitely recommend it

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