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DVD Roundup 1/8--1/14


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Transporter 2 Hot Price

Magnificant Seven $16.99

Red Eye Hot Price

The Constant Gardener Hot Price

Hustle and Flow $17.99 (Get one free Harlmen Nights,Bev Hills Cop or BHC2)

Underworld Unrated $14.99 (Free movie cash for Underworld Revolution)

Flash Complete Series $34.99 for RZ members

Big Mommas House SE $9.99 (Free Movie Cash)

Good Morning Vietnam SE $11.99

Dead Poets Society SE $11.99

Ferris Buller SE $12.99

Five Heartbeats SE $12.99

The Chymscrubber $19.99

Viva La Bam S4/5 $24.99

Red Dward VII $33.99

Wedding Crashers $19.99

Incredibles $12.99

Finding Nemo $12.99

Monsters Inc $12.99

Operah 20th Anniversary Set $34.99


2 for $15

Groundhog Day

Steel Magnolias

Super Troopers

Eurotrip Unrated



Natrual Born Killers

Bad BOys

Daze and Confused

Half Baked

Lock stock and smoking Barrels

Reservoir Dogs

Fast Lane at Ridgemont High


Boondock Saints


Dune Miniseries SE

Eddie Murphy Raw

Donnie Darko

Planes Trains and Automobiles

War of the Worlds

Three Amigos

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Three Kings

Rush Hour 2


Almost Heroes

Deuce Bigalow

Spy Kids 2

The Sandlot



Transporter 2 (Free Bonus Disc) Hot Price

Red Eye Hot Price

The Constant Gardener $19.99

Hustle and Flow $14.99

Underworld Unrated $12.99

Big Mommas House SE $9.99 (Free Movie Cash)

Ferris Buller SE $12.99

Five Heartbeats SE $12.99

Viva La Bam S3 $27.99

Wedding Crashers $17.99

The Gospel $19.99

Four Brothers $19.99

Exorcism of Emily Rose $19.99

Brothers Grimm $19.99

Cinderella Man $17.99

Dark Water $19.99

40 yr old Virgin Low Price

SW:ROTS $17.99

Into the Blue Low Price

The Cave $19.99

Serenity $19.99


2 for $15

Best Man

Walking Tall

Return of the Pink Panther

Die Another Day

Mad Max

School of Rock

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Dazed and Confused

He Got Game

Longest Yard (original)

The Jakal

Mission Impossible



Daredevil Directors Cut



King Kong(80s version)


Groundhog Day

X-men 2

Natural Born Killers

Steel Magnolias

Horse Wisperer

School Daze


JOhnson Family Vacation

Hot Chick

Soul Plane

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