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iPod video help...


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Hi all,


I have the 5g iPod w/video. Works fine, no problems there. The only issue I can't resolve, is the auto-syncing of video. I have my songs manually managed, which I prefer, my podcast are auto-sync and my photos too. But, when I go to the Video tab, it's all greyed out and won't let me select Auto-sync. I can maually drag them over, that works fine. For example, I download the new "The Office" episode. It's in my library, but it won't sync over. I have to manually put it there. Is that because I manually manage my songs? I just don't get it.




PS - I was right, I finally found this on Apples site after some digging.


If you set iTunes to manually manage your music (meaning you're the one who controls what music gets copied to your iPod), the Videos pane will appear dimmed (unavailable). That doesn't mean that you can't copy your videos to your iPod—you'll just do it manually, like you do with your music.

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