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Take Two acquires Irrational Games

Romier S

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Take Two is clamoring for a big piece of the PC pie, and they just took another step forward by acquiring Irrational Games. Best known for high quality titles such as SWAT, Freedom Force, the ever fantastic System Shock. What this means for both PC and console gamers is that Take Two will not publish Irrational's semi follow-up to System Shoch, Bio-Shock on both PC and as of yet unnamed next gen consoles. (though Gamespot rightfully speculates a 360 version is on the plate. Especially considering Take Two's publishing Oblivion on the system.) Here's the full report:



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Aren't most the people that worked no System Shock, and subsequently Deux Ex, no longer with Irrational Games?

Yes, but I wouldn't go as far as to say "most". You're thinking more along the lines of the Looking Glass guys. Looking Glass studio which worked on the Thief games shut down, and alot of those guys went over to Ion Storm (along with some of the System Shock folks as well) to work on Deus Ex, then its sequel, and finally on THief III before Ion closed down.


Ken Levine, one of the lead guys at Irrational, worked on the original Thief and co-founded Irrational. He helped to bring games like System Shock out there, as well Irrational's other titles like Freedom Force (both of which were fantastic), and SWAT 4 (which is getting an expansion handled by Irrational). Gamespot has an interview with Levine who goes over some small details of the acquisition, and has a pretty good sense of humor throughout the interview.




Some of my favorite lines:


GS: Will the Irrational brand remain intact or will it be renamed? Will future games carry the Irrational brand?


KL: I think the brand was one of the things they were interested in. Somebody said it recently: Irrational's games never suck. I like that for a brand identity.


GS: Was BioShock the primary reason behind the Irrational acquisition?


KL: No, I'd have to go with my awesome pectoral muscles.

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