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Def Jam PSP

Romier S

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Well, you knew EA was going to bring the game on the go. Now it appears fans of the most recent Def Jam title get to enjoy the game on the go as EA will be releasing a new prequel to that game for the PSP with an all new storyline and gameplay adjustments:


The gameplay and controls will feel very familiar if you played Def Jam: Fight for NY, but you'll also find that the development team has made some quite noticeable changes for the PSP game. For example, the lack of a second analog stick on Sony's handheld means that you'll be using the D pad to activate your powerful "blazin' moves" instead. The right shoulder button is used to perform blocks and reversals, while the four face buttons are used to punch, kick, grab, dash, and use weapons.



Soon, you'll be able to kick your friends in the face wirelessly.


Changes that we noted during our time with the game included plenty of new fight animations and an all-new "mount" move, which lets you climb on top of your floored opponents and beat them senseless until they manage to push you off by hammering buttons repeatedly. The mount move is a significant addition not only because it's a very satisfying way to hurt an opponent, but also because it's one of only a handful of ways that you can actually knock an opponent out to end a fight--others include blazin' moves and attacks that put weapons or the environment to good use. It's also worth pointing out that the camera stays a lot closer to the action in the PSP game than it does in the home console versions, which is made possible by the absence of third and fourth fighters in what are now one-on-one contests. You will, of course, be able to fight against a friend using the PSP's wireless ad hoc capabilities if you wish.


You can read more here:




Here's some screenshots:







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