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Directv and High Def Local Channels

Bruce B

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Applied for a waiver with Directv to get my local channels in High Def. Got a postcard in the mail about a month later that said:


Fox: Granted

NBC: Granted

CBS: Denied

ABC: Denied


Anyone know what they use for a criteria to grant or deny a request and if there is any way to directly appeal to the networks to get the high def channels granted?

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They are based on grades. If you fall within a grade A area you get auto denied. This is based on how far you are away from the transmitters.


In the future with Mpeg4 coming online this won't be an issue because you won't need to apply for a waiver because those stations are uplinked on their new satellites.


In order to get a waiver, you need to contact your cbs and ABC stations to get what's called a SHVA waiver which is the Satellite Home Viewers Act. Once they have it they will send it to Directv if they approve(up to the station) and you get them turned on.

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Bruce wants them because he can't get them off air. If he could get them using an antenna, I would think he would not be wanting them via satellite mainly because they compress them alot more.


The crux is that Directv thinks based on his zip code that he can get the local CBS and ABC via antenna thus he gets denied. The waiver is basically saying that his local cbs and abc stations believe that he can't get them otherwise if they think he can, they won't allow it. The SHVA protects the local markets because of local advertising they want him to see.

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Gotcha. That's sort of what I was guessing but wanted to be sure.


I'm in DirecTV hell in which I live in an MDU building that shares a dish and the #$@&* who runs it won't upgrade the dish or wiring. So I'm stuck with 1-room DirecTV service, no HD, no DVR.

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Just for the record, I dont use an antenna, just the receiver and the oval dish. I am getting all networks via the dish just not all in high def. I'm glad to get Fox in high def(cant wait for 24) but getting NBC in High Def is fairly useless since there isn't much on there I watch. It was amazing watching the Giants game and seeing Eli manning absolutely suck in high def.:-)


Direct Tv tried to put it through a second time but I was denied again.

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The reason is because those are national HD stations. When they add your locals you will get them just fine.


FWIW, I used to sell satellite programming and the 2 biggest small dish companies(dish and directv) have call centers here. I learned alot while working in the satellite divison of our company until we got rid of it.



For now you could try an antenna and see if you can pull down those stations. They will look way better than what you get thru Directv. Directv compresses the hell out of them.

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