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Far Cry Predator

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Since it appears to be now official, I thought I'd give the game its own thread.


PRESS RELEASE: Ubisoft's Far Cry Instincts To Deliver New Adventures On Xbox And Xbox 360


Press release supplied by Games Press 17:10 11/01/2006

Far Cry Instincts Predator and Far Cry Instincts Next Chapter (Working Title) Will Be Unleashed on Gamers in Spring 2006


London, UNITED KINGDOM - January 11, 2006 - Today Ubisoft, one of the world's largest video game publishers, announced that its award-winning Montreal Studio is developing two new titles inspired by the recently released Far Cry InstinctsTM video game.


Far Cry InstinctsTM Next Chapter (working title) for the Xbox® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft will introduce players to an entirely new story, characters and game features that reflect and improve upon the critically acclaimed elements of the first title.


Far Cry Instincts PredatorTM for Xbox 360TM video game and entertainment system from Microsoft will feature both Far Cry Instincts Next Chapter and an enhanced version of the original Far Cry Instincts game. Offering the kind of lush and deep natural environment true to the Far Cry® brand, Far Cry Instincts on Xbox 360 will captivate gamers with its enhanced graphical reality and gameplay. Giving gamers the opportunity to discover the Far Cry universe in an optimized, high-definition environment, the game takes advantage of Xbox 360's multi-core next-generation engine for improved performance. Gamers will experience advanced pathfinding and new enemy and vehicle artificial intelligence for improved chase scenes and more enemies on-screen at one time, allowing for more adrenaline-rushing fast-action sequences. Far Cry Instincts Predator and Far Cry Instincts Next Chapter are slated for release in spring 2006.


"Far Cry Instincts quickly became one of the most talked-about games of 2005 because of its blend of high graphical quality, wide open environments and immersive gameplay elements," said John Parkes, EMEA Marketing Director for Ubisoft. "Ubisoft is confident that Far Cry Instincts Predator for Xbox 360 and Far Cry Instincts Next Chapter for Xbox will be among the best games this year."


I'm not familiar with the series, but the 360 version certainly looks like a good deal with two games, especially for me, since I haven't played the original.

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The pc version IS quite a bit superior to the Xbox game, in many ways. AI was more comprehensive, the graphics were jaw dropping and, there was a wide open, free roaming (pretty much) environment. You could tackle the islands in whatever way you wanted: no set paths/rails.


If Ubi can do this with the 360 version of their next installment, I'm definitely in! :tu

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The PC version was great and I was one of the few also able to play the 64bit version on PC. Ubisoft Montreal definitely knows what they're doing with multi threading and enhanced versions so this one a Must Buy for me. Those 360 shots look very similiar to the PC version, much moreso than the original Xbox version ever did... And more Far Cry content alone is a good thing but, to get Instincts redone for the 360 as well is cool. Personally, I can't wait.

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..and its ashame the PC version is not being ported here. I'm not a big fan of the Xbox Instincts, and I'd be much happier if Ubi worked with Crytek to port the original PC games with an updated multiplayer mode with more options, the excellent map editor from the first game, and online coop (which was a community added mod for the PC version). Incorporate the HRD tech, and Shader Model 3.0 stuff that Crytek added later in the PC games life and I'd gladly give over the money for it on the X360. The PC game is still drop dead gorgeous even today.

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