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new family addition


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Hey guys, new family addition here. Hopefully she ends up playing video games someday. :D Reluctant to come out, though : Vasia previa and cord wrapped around her neck 4 times, yikes! Wife is recovering from the c-section but both are doing well.

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Way to go! Glad to hear that both are doing well.


Random advice: Always take 2 baby wipes out of the container and set them near you BEFORE you attempt to change a soiled diaper. Better yet, make it 3. Your wife will be able to do this with only 1/3 of one baby wipe. You are NOT her. You will need 4. Don't count on the handy-dandy dispenser, because by the time you're on your 5th baby-wipe, the apparatus will jam or tear the wipey.



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Thanks guys! She's pretty cool. Wife got some sort of breast infection so the breastfeeding is making her grouchy cause it hurts (she's subbing some formula). Antibiotics should fix her up, though.


Congratulations. I also like the name. Hopefully your gaming time won't suffer as mine did when my daughter came along, I can't remember when the last time I turned on any system.


Ugh. I know, I barely had time before. I took the semester off school, and the wife took off work, so it's just 2 graduate classes for her and work for me - but I'm off until the 20th.


Wife and baby are always sleeping in the living room. I could have fit some gaming in, but I've been catching up on DVDs instead since they take less effort. I've watched most of Sliders S1&2 which sat on my shelf since the DDD sale, and I'm rewatching B5 for the 4th time. I've fit in a little time playing BFME too. But this is just when they are sleeping. I can't seem to get any projects done because they cause too much noise. We both got some sleep last night so I'm putting a bookshelf together today.

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