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Smash TV or Gauntlet?


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Anyone want to play some co-op smash TV? I've tried to make it through the game online a couple of times but haven't managed because a)there's almost never anyone online, and b)when I manage to get a game started, the other person drops out halfway through level 2.


I'm sure someone else here wants that "co-op master" achievement :)


Just message me sometime when I'm online (which is most evenings) if you're interested.

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After playing a little co-op Smash TV last night, I figured out what the problem was. I thought that every time I played something in the network kept glitching, since all of a sudden I'd be bumped back to the lobby. I'd read that in co-op, the rule was that you had to keep one player alive at all times to keep comtinuing. As it turns out though, you have to keep one player alive at all times, AND each player only gets one continue per room. This means that if you go into a room with 0 lives, continue, and lose three lives, it's game over for both of you. This actually makes the Co-Op master achievement a little harder to get than I thought it was.

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The high score is actually a bit of a misnomer. The arcade score works by taking your score and dividing by the number of continues, so I set that by trying to make it through level 1 without continuing. If you go through the whole game and continue as much as I did, you might have a score of 25 000 000+, but dividing by the number of continues makes it really really low.


Might be easier on co-op now that I know how it actually works though, but I can see the endgame being much tougher knowing that you onle have one continue each per room. Some of those later rooms get really brutal. I have no idea how anyone has gotten the Level2 and Level 3 master achievements.

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