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Elektroplankton at EB

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Like many others I thought that Elektroplankton would be an online sale only game, so I was more than a little suprised to see copies gracing the display case at my local EB. I was told they had an in-store sales exclusive for the game. So, if you don't want to bother with ordering online head down to EB. Canadian price is $39.99. No price matching with future shop on this one.

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So how is it? I've got one on order, but I'm quite curious.


I didn't pick it up. I'm total crap when it comes to music games or anything rhythmic. I did try it out brieflyl while I was there. There are ten electroplankton to fool with, I really had no idea what I was doing or what the actual point of this product is. I can only guess its designed to be an experiential product. Nice box art, though.

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I actually had this game preordered with BestBuy.ca. Then yesterday morning I checked and it was still in a "Not Yet Shippable" state, despite them having many copies in stock, ready to ship. So I cancelled the preorder and put in a regular order. It's status has been "Shippable" since yesterday morning...


Maybe I'll try my luck at EB tonight. I know someone who bought it from EB. He said they only got 2 copies :/

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A good thing for Canadians, as apparently it was quite hard to find an online store which carried it and shipped to Canada.


The Canadian based dealer I use often for imports, Videogames Plus, doesn't seem to be getting any. They did list it last year but now there are no results when searching for it on their website. I'm rather miffed. Will have to go elsewhere and import it as it's a title I have wanted for a very long time.


Did Nintendo package the headphones with the US/Canadian release like they did in Japan?

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