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Dave C

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Copycats.:P Kidding of course. I could have sworn I saw the site posted in one of the big 360 threads. Apologies, as I would have gladly posted it here for all to modify thier signatures as they please. I personally like the thin version of the gamercard as it take up much less space and looks better IMO.

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It's subtly different. The little one is a single link to the main gamercard page. Whereas with the larger one if you click on, for instance, the GW:RE picture it'll take you to the GW:RE comparison page.


Yep, personally, I think it's worth the trade off as I found the size of the original a bit annoying.

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You still can Hoolie. It takes you right to the Gamer Profile page when you click on the sigs. You can then click on the individual recently played games on the right.:tu


Now it takes twice as many clicks for me to find out I can't keep up with you guys! Thanks alot. I guess the time I actually spend playing will have to suffer, which will further ruin my gamer score. You guys have caused a downward spiral from which I cannot recover.

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