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Windows Delayed Write Failed...WTF!


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So the other day i went get on my PC and there was a bubble that pop up from my systray that stated "Windows-Delayed Write Failed. An error has occured. Windows was unable to save D:\........"


Now 2 of my 3 HDs are not present in my computer. If i restart, they will be back for a few minutes later, the same error message, HDs gone. I've been unsucessful at finding anything worth while online.


If anyone knows what's up with that message, ANY help would be great.

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Sounds like you might have a hard drive dying on you. There's another thread on this right now. The reason it might be taking out 2 drives is if you have IDE drives, if multiple drives are on the same IDE channel (cable) and one drive dies, then the system might not know how to or be able to address the other drive.

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I started getting those on my Dell laptop and safely ignored the warnings. Then the drive crashed.


I booted to Knoppix with a LiveCD and was able to recover ALL of my data by moving it to another PC on the network.


This is why I always recommend that people keep a LiveCD around for emergencies like that one.

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I got that error once while juggling my BFME game with a CD playing in the drive. About 2-3 bootups later Windows would no longer boot. File corruption. I reinstalled Windows overtop of the old one with a repair install. This worked for a few months before I got the same message out of the blue again.


Eventually I had to pull all the important stuff off the drive and do a full format and reinstall of the drive. :( File corruption had made the drive unstable until I wiped it 100% clean and started over.


Do the missing drives show up in Computer Management -> Disk Management? If so, how does Windows see them?

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