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Is there a way to boot the 360 to the dashboard?


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While I really like the ability to turn the 360 on from the controller, one of the things that I actually find a little annoying is that it always automatically boots whatever game is in the tray. Sometimes this is fine, but other times I just want to get in a quick game (or ten) or Geometry Wars, and have to shell back out to the dashboard from within the game. Ideally there'd be an option (like on the DS) to auto-start the inserted game, but barring that, is there a backdoor that anyone has found to boot into the dashboard short of popping the disc tray open?

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In Major Nelson's new blogcast (1/22) he says that if you hit the Media Center Button on your remote it will start the xbox360 and go to the media center blade, then you can just B-button out of that.


This seems better to me than having to open/close the tray everytime. I'm not at home to try it.



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Probably my biggest annoyance' date=' other than the booting directly to a game, is that controller one doesn't turn on automatically when the system starts. How often do you turn on your system and not want to use the controller? :)




To watch a DVD or Media Centre. Also, if you have multiple controllers, you don't want it all connected.

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Well, the controllers turn off after a few minutes if you don't touch them. Also, I didn't say all of the controllers.... just controller one. Just a 360 pet peave.


See, I like that, because I just grab whichever controller is closest at the time. No idea if that's the same one each time, so I like that there's no assigned channels for the controllers.


Didn't realize that they turn themselves off though-very smart!

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