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‘It’s your duty to have babies!’ - The joy of British tabloids

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This is a rather amusing link sent into my inbox today. It features an array of genuine front page headlines from 2005 as featured by The Daily Mail/Daily Express - what can only be described as Britain’s most right wing tabloid newspapers driven by their absurd scaremongering headlines and articles.




Personal favourites:

Murder by Playstation

Tick the Box if you Want to Die

Popadom Madness

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On the other hand, we have 1200% more headlines with some combination of the words "Brad", "Angelina", and "Jennifer" in them, so there!


If I went out and purchased any of the tabloids from the past week or so, and scanned them for your perusal you’d swiftly retract this statement. :) It's just as bad here for coverage of such inane 'news' that is of no consequence to anyone.


You also might get a kick out of The Daily Mail-o-Matic.


Great link. A particular favourite is:


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When the news is rather quiet it’s fairly typical of the ultra right wing journalists to take a swipe or ten at the gypsies/travellers to fill their pages. They’re generally seen as a nuisance, parking up where they shouldn’t in their mobile homes, and dumping their rubbish all about the countryside. There’s no doubting many can be a great irritation, but the likes of the Daily Mail will take their disdain for them to another level by branding them all filthy, inbred thieves and the like, “and because this is Britain rah rah rah, we’ll have none of that sort here thank you! Rabble, rabble, rabble”…. And so forth. It’s a right wing tabloid way of covering up a form of racism by claiming to be patriotic I suppose.

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