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Xbox 360 Achievements--What's your Batting Average?


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I was checking out the "My Achievements" page on xbox.com and I noticed near the top it tells how many games you've played and how many achievement points you've gotten out of all available.


So I've played 10 games, with 5200 gamerpoints available and I've gotten 1305 points, so my "batting average" is 1305/5200 = .251


But, they list the achievement points for the arcade demos. It won't be 100% accurate for most because of this, because you can't actually get the points for the trial versions, right?


Taking out the trial versions and doing a manual calculation, I'm a much more respectable 1305/4400 = .297


So what's yours? Let's see who's got the highest average!




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930 / 2300 or .404 here when you omit the games I don't own. Looks like I should start actually playing Kameo.



I'm in the same boat on Kameo. If I had not yet put the disk in, I might have a much better average. I keep meaning to play it more, but I'm enjoying the arcade way too much.


And I deserve an asterisk by my average because I played "die, give it" with my kids to get through King Kong during our rental window. (I did do most of the work, however.)




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4180 / 7500 (if I remove the demos of the games I didn't buy.)


.557 (Boo-yah!)


Mine is hurt the most by Perfect Dark Zero, because I can't get any f'n kills. I think it's because I'm a daisy.


Edit: I just realized that I was dividing the games by the number of games... not gamerpoints. D'oh.



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Rentals shouldn't be removed in all instances IMHO. If you have gamerpoints in the game, it should be added to the equation. If you have no gamerpoints and it's a rental, then take it out. It's pretty self explanatory, but just clarifying that.

You're correct Romier. I guess I should've been more clear in stating that the rentals and trial versions were games that I started but , with the exception of Robotron, ended up not liking enough to make it to an actual achievement. Haven't gotten around to purchasing Robotron yet. The games in question (Wik, PGR3, Spades, Bankshot, Gun, Outpost, Gauntlet, RR6 & Robotron) total 4136 potential gamerscore points of which I have none. :)


In the end, it's a clear case of suckitis on my part.

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Currently I'm at a .250


However, I do feel the need to somewhat "qualify" that by indicating that I've only played PD0 online and have yet to touch the single player. ALso, PGR3 - I've spent about 20 minutes or so when I first hooked up the 360. In other words, things can only look up :)

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