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Killswitch looking tasty..

paul h

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I really didn't think too highly of Dead to Rights. Sure, the little bit of kung fun and the lethal disarms were cool, but I got tired of it very fast.


The developers recycled alot of the material, especially in the later levels, and more than once I had a case of deja vu - "didn't I beat this room already?"


Repeating material over and over is a real poor substitute for genuine content. I know, I know, most shooters do it but this one made it flagrantly obvious. I think it was simply that there wasn't much to keep me playing. Jumping into a room and leaving with a pile of bodies is fun maybe 20 times. Then it starts to become a chore if you don't introduce anything new.


Which is why I'm not holding my breath for Killswitch, either.

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