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WTB Shadow Hearts 2 Covenant

Romier S

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Hey guys,


I'm having a hard time locating a copy of this game in my area, and I'd like to avoid Ebay if it all possible. I owned this at one time and ended up trading it after putting some time into it for another title (mainly due to more interest in the other game, and not because I disliked Shadow Hearts). With the third game nearing release in March I'd really like to get into it again and finish it up. If anyone is able to locate a semi-cheap copy and sell it to me I'd be really appreciative. Thanks!

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Ah, you know what? You're right. Anyone care to give me a direct link to Covenant? I tried doing a search for "Covenant" and "Shadow Hearts" (as one word and two) and I'm only getting hits for the third game.


I'll hold off and see if anyone finds a a good copy for me, if I don't hear anything I'll go ahead and order from EB. Thanks!

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