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Because I see too many "Oh I'll get the console version because I want to play on my giant hi def tv and 5.1 sound!" quotes I figured I'd post a few pics of my HTPC showing how easy it is (using wireless input devices of course) to play PC games on your HT.






Front view from behind the recliner showing wireless mouse on the right side and remotes on the left. Behold the power of food trays! Not the most attractive things in the world but they get the job done. You can also see the PC on the right side next to the TV.




This pic shows the recliner and how I have the wireless keyboard sit. When I am playing a first person shooter for example I usually sit with my right leg crossed under my stretched out left leg. The keyboard sits at the angle you see for easy access of my left hand. Keep in mind I am slightly reclined and have the foot rest up so the keyboard wont sit as close to my body as shown in that pic. Note the ugly blue pillow which makes resting my right arm more comfrtable when using the mouse. And no I do not know what that stain on the pillow is. :P




Just a different angle showing the keyboard.




So there you have it. Those people always saying they prefer consoles because of a big screen TV and 5.1 sound have absolutely no excuses to not try playing their PC games this way as well. :)

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