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Some 360 games and other stuff for trade; Want Need for Speed

Big Daddy Bling Bling

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I have a few 360 games for trade. I'm not really interested in selling them because I'd like to keep my 360 library at a certain level. Up for grabs I have:



Project Gotham


Call of Duty 2


In trade, I'd like to pick up:


Need For Speed 360

DOA4 (maybe?)



I also have some other stuff that I don't really care about and is going up on ebay to clear space. I'd sell these for reasonable offers or trade them for other stuff I want. Most of the current gen stuff is mint/complete, other stuff varies. Inquire about anything you're interested in. Any reasonable cash offers will be taken on the crappy stuff as long as you're buying enough to make it worth a trip to the P.O. to ship.



Crappy Stuff I don't care about:



NBA Street

Lord of The Rings: Third Age

GTA: Vice City

NBA Street Vol. 2

Wallace and Grommit

Virtua Fighter 4

Aqua Aqua

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2

Burnout 2


Street Fighter EX 3

Killer 7




Buffy (first game)

Broken Sword

Tron 2.0

World Series Baseball


X-men Legends



Ultimate Muscle Legends vs. Generations (sealed)



The below stuff is semi-decent and I'm looking to get something approaching market value. It'll probably go on ebay but I just thought I'd list it here in case anyone was specifically looking for it and wanted a decent but not spectacular deal.


Steel Battalion + Controller + Line of Contact

P.T.O. IV (PS2)


Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 (PS2)

Fatal Frame (PS2)

Cubivore (Gamecube)

Return Fire (PS1 + long box)

Golden Sun 2 (GBA + SEALED)

Loose NES carts: Bubble Bobble, River City Ransom, MIKE TYSON's Punchout, Mega Man 4, Little League Baseball, Kid Icarus, Super Dodge Ball

Nintendo 64 Ram expansion in box

Mario Party 5

Super Metroid (Loose)

Giga Wing 2 (Dreamcast + SEALED)

Dragon Warrior 7 (PS1 + SEALED)

Lunar SSSC (PS1, case with all discs but no other extras)

Intelligent Qube (rare+complete+near flawless condition)

Final Fantasy Anthology (sealed non GH version, tempted to keep this)

Persona 2(sealed)


I also might be moving my PS2 light gun games. If I were to sell them, the package would have 2 Guncon 2's (I might actually have 3), Ninja Assault, Vampire Night, Dino Stalker, Time Crisis 2, time Crisis 3, Resident Evil:Dead Aim.


My want list is pretty short and eccentric if anyone wants to propose a trade:


Metal Slug 4&5 (PS2 or Xbox)

Castlevania:DOS (nintendo DS)

Kirby Canvas Curse (nintendo DS)

Suikoden Tactics(PS2)

Ogre Battle (PS1)

Tactics Ogre (PS1)

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