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Kameo high scores?


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Has anyone here actually managed to get any of the A rankings in Kameo? I've finished the game, and was going back trying to get some of the missing points, and most of what I have left is the A ranking achievements. I tried going through some of the levels again (Thorn's castle and Forgotten Forest), and managed to eke out an "E" raking... How the hell are you supposed to get to an "A"? I read on 1up that you need 15 000 000 on the first few levels? Any tips on getting your score that high (other than "don't get hit")?

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I found the Xbox.com forums actually very helpful on this. There's a dedicated Kameo forum there where a lot of people have posted how the Kameo system works. Someone also posted a video of them playing each stage. After reading up on the hints and watching the vid, I managed to get over 7mil on Forgotten Forest for a B rank.


To summarize what's required:


-Each stage has a specific number of Doom Trolls (Only appear when warrior focus is achieved)

-You need at least 5 Brutals and 5 Frenzies for Doom Trolls to appear

-Do Not get hit or all of these will decrease by 1

-Brutal > Frenzy > Carnage


Here's the basic technique:

Do not get warrior focus until you have gotten around 10 Brutals and 10 Frenzies in the beginning of each stage. Do NOT get hit, and watch out for the fire/vines/spikes which can also hurt you. Once you have the proper amount of Brutals and Frenzies you can start going into warrior focus in an area where a lot of trolls appear. Do not kill the trolls instead try to kill all the Doom Trolls until they run out. Once they do not appear anymore, you can go through the stage killing all other trolls making sure not to get hit.

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