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Siren 2 - Playstation 2

Romier S

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For those that actually played the original Siren, you may remember it as a semi-ambitious, if terribly flawed game. I remember the lead up the games release was full of pulled commercials and a good bit of praise for its new sight-jacking mechanic which would allow you to see through the eyes of the enemy. The final game ended up being a terrible disappointment to me. You can read more about it here:




Now we are nearing the release of the games sequel and one of the biggest complaints I had against the game (its mapping system) looks to have been fixed, and it seems like they may have actually gotten things right this time around. I'm hoping to see improvements in level design, and I hope to god Sony leaves some kind of subtitle option in the game instead of giving us another horrid dub.


There is a new trailer available that's worth watching if you are into survival horror games, and I look forward to giving the series a second try. (hopefully I won't regret it this time around)


High Resolution Siren 2 Trailer

Low Resolution Siren 2 Trailer

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