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So I Just Bought A Saturn

Hank Scorpio

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Hey Gang,


I was out and about yesterday running errands, checking out some used CD stores, when I saw some used Saturn systems. It dawned on me that the Saturn is one of the few systems (another being the TurboGrafx 16) that I never owned or had much time with. So I bought one.


Now, I know that I'm not going to stumble across Panzer Dragoon Saga or some of the other rare games, but I was still curious about what you all think are some 'must-own' games that I should be on the lookout for.


I did some research on my own, using the thread below and a trip to gamespot, plus good ol' word of mouth.


Also - this is a used American system. I could use some clarification as to what it would take to play import games.


Thanks in advance for the help everybody, much appreciated!


- jason



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NiGHTS is a must-have, and I'd strongly recommend Christmas nights as well (the japanese version is much more common and cheaper than the american one, or at least was a few years ago). Burning Rangers is a bit pricey but fun, and Virtua On has some great mech action for cheap. There is Fighters Megamix and a few different Street Fighter titles that are good if you're into fighters, not to mention the King of Fighters series. Other than that there are a slew of RPG titles that I never really explored but you may want to look into. A lot of Sega published titles like Virtua Cop, Daytona, Sega Rally, etc. are also pretty common.

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What up Sherbz!


Thanks for the input. Any particular RPGs that you're aware of? I know Shining Force III is a 'must-have' - but certainly an expensive one. I was reading about a game called 'Legend of Oasis' but don't know much about it. And Calvin mentioned 'Enemy Zero' which I should read more about as well.





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Okay, so while Panzer Dragoon Saga and Radient Silvergun may not be realistically obtainable - (unless you like being gouged on Ebay, in which case be my guest :) )


1. Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon 2 (Zewi) - both great games and you can see what started all the fuss.

2. I remember there being a 'tactical RPG' that was one of the first console RPGs I really started to get into - originally it was called "Mysteria" but was later released under another name I can't remember

3. If you get the 4 meg import cart - the 'in the day' Capcom fighters were very well done - XMen - Children of the Atom, Marvel VS. Capcom (and Marvel vs. Street Fighter) as well as Darkstalkers 3 - are all pretty much "arcade perfect" (now there's a term that isn't used a whole lot anymore :) ) I'd also say the original Metal Slug, but now that the series is pretty accessable here on other systems, it might be hard to justify the price point.

4. While it's very simple - I do recall enjoying Bug! as a silly platformer - and I can't imagine it costing more than a few bucks. Along those same lines is Astal - fairly short, but I remember it being fairly visually impressive for it's time

5. And finally, as people have already mentioned, since you now own a Saturn, you simply must track down a copy of Nights.



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If you like sports games, pick up World Series Baseball. Any of the WSB games will do.


These games are still some of the best console baseball that you'll ever play. The control is terrific and the gameplay is fun and realistic.


This was the first series of games where I can remember dropped 3rd strikes and balls being thrown away on what would be a routine ground ball.



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This thread is going to annoy me now actually as it'll get me thinking about buying a Saturn again.


Mine is sitting in a box waiting for me to get around to bringing it over to you; I'd just completely forgotten about it. Caz is getting sick of me giving so many consoles houseroom, which is understandable, but it's this or the N64, and I love Mario64 too much.

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Caz is getting sick of me giving so many consoles houseroom, which is understandable, but it's this or the N64, and I love Mario64 too much


Actually, that's part of the reason I bought a Saturn. My girlfriend has nothing plugged into her front inputs, nor her rear inputs (Har har har - hold your comments, perverts) ... on her TV. She really likes the Mario collection on SNES, so I'll be bringing that over soon. Along with Final Fantasy III. And I want to purchase another Genesis, mine is no longer working. So sad...


But, then I started thinking when I was out and saw the Saturn since I'd never played the system much it'd be nice to have hooked up at her place. I could check out some new to me games. Plus, I'm sure she'll LOVE watching me play Panzer Dragoon, right?


She's already told me I'm the biggest nerd she's ever dated, this is a good way for me to really go the extra mile and prove that point.


Thanks again for the suggestions, gang! That baseball game looks tempting...

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This thread came at an appropriate time, as I've just recently started playing through some of my Saturn games on my PC using SSF. I've only tried Policenauts and Shining Wisdom so far, but it's pretty snazzy. I've read reports from other people that NiGHTs and the PD games work as well. It requires some serious CPU power, and the page is in Japanese, but it's a good emulator.

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Hey guys,


Thanks again for the info. I was browsing the 'bay and saw an import copy of Snatcher. Since I don't have the Sega CD version (nor a system to play it on anymore) is the import a viable option? I have no clue if it's possible to translate it, or if I'd have to brush up on my foreign language reading and comprehension.



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  • 10 months later...
My Saturn collection was expanded by 2 this morning, with near pristine copies of the Discworld games. I'm about to get stuck in to the first one.


As a fan of the series, I've always wondered about those games. I remember seeing one that seemed kinda noir. Are we on the same page here? If so, how are they in the context of a Discworld fan (if you are one)?

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The noir one was, funnily enough… Discworld Noir. The Saturn had perished by the time of its release, though I THINK it came to the Playstation alongside a PC version. I actually didn’t play that one, though I know it was not a Rincewind based story, where as Discworld and Discworld 2 are. They’re both filled with masses of locations and characters that will be familiar to fans of the books as the action is predominantly focused within Ankh-Morpork. The first game actually takes a lot from Guards! Guards!


Pratchett was very hands on with the scripts, art design and voice casting of the games too. It’s difficult for a fan not to like them really and for ten years now if ever I read Rincewind I can’t shake hearing him with Eric Idle’s voice. It’s got some of my favourite vocal work from any point and click adventure (Tony Robinson also did a number of voices in the first one).

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Here are some good ones from my collection. I know this is an old thread, so some (or most) of this might be common knowledge now:


I second the Die Hard Arcade suggestion. It's what got me to buy a Saturn in the first place.


Decathlete and its sequel Winter Heat are insanely super awesome track and field type button mashers. I like Decathlete a tad more (partly because I ran track, plus I live in Texas and have thus never seen snow), but Winter Heat does have 4 player support.


Galactic Attack is a fun 2-d shooter.


Iron Storm is supposed to be a really good strategy game (plus it's a Working Designs game)- I picked it up years ago but never had the time to play it much.


Dragon Force is also supposed to be really good (again, I never had the time to play it much).


Guardian Heroes is the Treasure Double Dragon-ish beat 'em up. And it's awesome. It's a tad expensive, but I don't think it's nearly as bad as Panzer Dragoon Saga or Radiant Silvergun.


Albert Odyssey is an old school style RPG with kind of a cute sense of humor. It's Working Designs, too. If you still enjoy old school RPGs it might be worth tracking down.


Saturn Bomberman is great.


Magic Knight Rayearth, also Working Designs, might be worth looking for. I didn't get to play this one much either, but I enjoyed what I did play of it.


And then there're the others that were previously mentioned- Panzer Dragoon 1, 2, and Saga. Shining Force 3 made me sad when they didn't release the last 2 games for it in the US. Burning Rangers is a cool romp. Fighters Megamix has a huge cast. The EB manager who helped me get the area's last copy of Dragon Force said that World Series Baseball 2 was the best baseball game ever made.


I like my Saturn. I bought it used just as it was going out and was lucky enough to pick up most all the (what are now) big games for it new in-store. I also remember seeing a new import copy of Radiant Silvergun at EB back then. That's now the only Saturn game I'm really missing. Ah, well. Why didn't anyone tell me it was (and was going to be) such a big deal?

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The noir one was, funnily enough? Discworld Noir. The Saturn had perished by the time of its release, though I THINK it came to the Playstation alongside a PC version.


I know there was a PS Discworld (my brother had it), but I'm not sure which it might have been. I think it was just called "Discworld".

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