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Balls to roll in a new direction for those cheeky Monkeys?

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According to a few reports surfacing online this week, SEGA have handed the Monkey Ball franchise over to Traveller's Tales for the creation of a new story based platform title. Apparently the game has been confirmed in the latest Official PS2 magazine (US or UK publication, I am not sure), pointing out that the title is bound for the PS2 and PSP:


There are five themed worlds and different balls to discover, including a wooden one that lets AiAi, MeeMee and chums roll over water. There will also be sections where the monkeys get to fly over to new areas, just like the Monkey Target mini-game. Speaking of which, a bunch of party games and puzzles are being chucked in for good measure.



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I really like the look of those screenshots. I'm happy to see that they're going for a more organic look for the levels in this game rather than the checkerboard patterns from the first two. I wonder if the board still tilts when you move the control stick or if you actually control the monkey in the ball this time out.


Anyway, we're long overdue for a new Super Monkey Ball. I'm definitely getting the GameCube version when it comes out.

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