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Best MotoGP2 bike settings? DrunkOM?

Peter O

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One of my friends just picked up MotoGP2 for Xbox this week and I have started to get back into the game.


I'd really don't see my times improving much with the default bike settings and I would like to take a stab at the ones the pros use.


DrunkOM (and others), do you have some recommended bike settings/strategies to share? Thanks.

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The sort of "default" settings that most people use is


Honda NSR

Handling - 50 Points

Braking - 25 Points

Acceleration - 50 Points

Top Speed - 50 Points


If you're using Automatic transmission, this setup might cause some problems. There's a bug with the Auto tranny where it gets stuck for too long in 4th or something like that. Bumping down the top speed by 4 or 5 points aparently helps.


Tires - Hard

Gear Ratio - High

Front and Rear Suspension - 10

Wheelbase - Varies depending on what you can get comfortable with. The top riders use 1400, which I have a lot of troubles keeping upright. I usually use 1420 or even bump it up to 1440 if I'm trying to be really consistant (although that didn't help me in the least in my last league race).


With this setup you'll be able to get the most speed out of the NSR, the hard tires make a huge difference to your overall speed, but they can spin out a bit easier so you have to baby the throttle a bit some times. The narrow wheelbase lets you take corners at some rediculous angles, while the high suspension helps to compensate for the decreased stability.


This should be used in combination with using only the back brake. Using only the back brake can really help to whip you around the corners, especially hairpins. I tend to take them so that I hit the brake as hard as I can fairly deep into the corner, and then slam the joystick to the side, and you just sort of get whipped around them. Although I have a bit different style than a lot of people who brake earlier, but use it less than me, and I think it hurts me somewhat.


You have to be careful though, using the back brake exclusively with a narrow wheelbase can make the bike quite unstable. At first you might think that it's a really risky setup, but as you get used to it it should become 2nd nature and you won't crash nearly as much. I still have problems where I'll brake too late where I'm already into the corner, and the bike will just slide out from under me. I can usually see it coming as soon as I touch the brake, but it still happens.


The last thing is learning how to powerslide, and that's where this setup shows it's true worth. If you don't know how to do it... it's not an easy thing to get right away. I was struggling with it quite a bit in MGP1, never sure if I was doing it right, or if it was actually helping me. At first it wasn't, but then you figure out how to take 1 or 2 corners twice as fast with the powerslide, and it starts to dawn on you what other corners you could do that on, and your times start dropping by seconds at a time. This is still happening to me, and I play the game fairly regularily since February.


There are a couple different ways to powerslide. Most of them I tend to intiate around the apex of the corner. This helps you take your exit a bit sharper, which then allows you to enter the corner faster without flying off the track. Some I initiate a bit closer to the exit of the corner, usually on a hairpin or really sharp one. This it basically to make sure I stay on the track also.


The last one is the one I'm still learning. You can intiate the powerslide right before you enter the corner, so that you're powersliding the whole thing. This best place to learn this is the 2nd last corner on sachsenring (after the downhill straight). If you get it right, you can powerslide this whole corner in 6th (although I usually take it in 5th to be safe), this same technique can be used on the next corner to powerslide it at an insane speed in 5th or 4th, but it's REALLY REALLY hard. I've only done it a few time (once was the very first time I tried it :shock: ).


Some of the best tracks to learn powersliding are Brno, Assen and Mugello. I powerslide nearly every single corner on those 3 tracks, esspecially on Brno, the powersliders dream track.

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Nice! The great thing about this game is that you can always get better, and you can see your progress easily through the scoreboards. I know a few weeks ago I thought I had hit a wall again.... then I started to figure out that early, before the corner powerslide, and a few other little things and before I knew it I had taken something like 40 seconds off my total time.

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Odie, try making the races one lap, if you haven't already have done it. Then, all you have to do is get a real good qualifying position and then make it through one lap in 1st place.


It's not too hard to do when you do it that way. Besides, the lame-o single player game is just the software you use to build your rider for 'Live, right! ;)

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Yes, I've been doing it with one lap. I think I just tend to get frustrated too easilly and give up and go online for some more laid back racing.


With using hard tires, it's tough to get as good a start as the AI, so sometimes the first couple of turns give me problems when they all bunch up and get in the way. I have been trying to box them out at the beginning by looking backwards. I managed to get another 3 or 4 career wins last night, so I am slowly making progress.


It's really fun trying to get personal bests, but I hate the single player mode :)


Derrik, did ever finish up the work on your house and got your Xbox online? I just noticed that you aren't on my friends list. I'll have to remember to add you tonight if you are online now.


We need to get some LCVG racing going! :)

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I'm still like 5 or 6 points off from maxxing my bike out. The single player is well done in it's setup and everything, but the AI makes it annoying. I think it would be better if they were to just spread out a little bit more, but I guess they should still be packed up after only a few laps.

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Odie- downstairs is almost finished. I just need my Omnimounts to come in so I can mount the forward/rear centers. Then, get an equipment rack and I can move all of my stuff downstairs.


As for 'Live, I'm on again upstairs.


Did a little Motogp the other night. Man, I really haven't played any other racing game that you REALLY need to keep playing to stay competant. After a few monts of no racing; I really suck!!!! :laugh:


Was looking to see where I stood in comparision to those on my friends list and, I'm last but...it's because I haven't been able to pull a Sheridan time. :( Never beat Legendary so, no Sheridan. I'm in the top 3000-6000 on all my times but, because I'm lacking that one track, it dumps me down in the 12000 range.


I need to get online and ask a host to do that track.

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You "officially" unlock it by finishing all of the challenges, not by beating legendary


Thanks for the info! I wasn't aware of that. Still...there's 2 challenges left that just piss me off to no end. I think one of them is that one where you go around the circle track and avoid the obstacles. Oh yeah, the other one is the Sheridan perfect lap.


....rain, why the hell did they have to make it rain... :D

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