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Happy Birthday Mark (Pharmboy)!


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I had already made 10 trips around the sun by the time we stopped to pick you up.


Happy 28th Birthday!



By the way, for cough syrup, are you supposed to NOT drink anything after taking it. Is part of the way it works supposed to be the "coating" of your throat?


Also, when they say "take with food", are you supposed to eat the pill, then the food? or eat the food, then the pill?


Please settle these debate questions because they have raged in my family for years.




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And while you're at it, Mark....


When a Rx tells you to take 3 times a day, do you count waking hours, or the full 24 hours? Should I take every 8 hours, or is the goal to take 3 pills from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep (with every meal)? So assuming you sleep 8 hours a day, would that mean you take a pill every 5.33 hours?




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