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P.Q. = I.H. (Intellectually Humiliating)


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So curiosity got the best of me and I picked up P.Q. for the PSP. The reviews have been decent, and the description of the game sounded like just my thing. I like abstract puzzle games, and I also enjoy intellectual kinds of games..I think of myself as not only liking these kinds of challenges, but being good at them too...until now.


So I started playing it this morning over coffee. Things were going pretty well on the first level, I was able to complete all the puzzles 'under par' so to speak (the game grades you on a few different scales). But on level 2 things started to go south, I went over par a few times, accruing penalties. Then on level 3, I lost it, actually failing several of the puzzles (i.e. running out of time).


Bleh, Level 4 was even worse, and now I'm starting to wonder if I am not as logical as I thought. On some of the levels (particularly this one where you have to disassemble and then reassemble a stairway a few times), I got so fucking lost, it was pathetic. So, far from this game being a self-esteem booster, I'm now questioning the one thing I always thought I was good at...reasoning and logical deduction.


Actually, I think what is being exhibited by this game is one of my main failings, especially when it comes to video games, impatience. Instead of taking my time and sizing up the problem, I dive right in and start taking things apart. This is how I learn a lot of things in life, but in this game it's a liability because you 'spend' points with almost every action you perform, including trying out ideas. This game rewards mental preplanning and imagination, not tinkering.


I'm not defeated yet, I'm enjoying the game despite my poor performance. I think if I can train myself not to jump in and mess with things, but rather examine them and plan ahead more, I can improve my scores...maybe.

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I should add that even though I did the tutorial (which may not be best done right before bed, which I did last night), I was a little confused while playing the game about how some objects behave when they interact, which figures into some of the solutions. So it's not entirely about pure logic, but also about certain idiosyncrasies of the game mechanics.


Thanks' date=' I don't have a PSP, and now I really want to try this damn game!

If they commit you and the hospital takes your PSP away, have them forward it on to me. :D[/quote']


I'm sending you some documents to sign in case I am declared incompetent.

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I finished the test yesterday, which amounts to 100 puzzles total (10 levels, 10 puzzles per level). I did in fact suck. I ranked #859 out of about 1250. My PQ score was 87, whatever that means. The ranking is done via online scoreboards through the wireless connection.


I'm on my second time through and doing MUCH better. I'm up to level 6 and puzzles that seemed complex before seem almost obvious now. I remember very few of them, but the sheer complexity of the level 9 and 10 puzzles the first time through teaches you a lot about the logic of the game.


Out of the 60 puzzles I've done this time through, I've failed about 3 or 4, whereas the first time I probably failed 15.


So I'm hoping to improve my ranking a lot. We'll see. I do like the game.

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