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Copy Video TO Your Tivo!!!!!!!


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I just got the new update for Tivo, where you can access movie times, weather, podcasts, radio, etc... very cool. What I didn't know, until I stumbled upon it, is that you can actually copy videos TO your Tivo. You just convert to MP2, stick in you Tivo folder, and they're accessible. When you access them from the Tivo menus it treats the transfer of them as a "Recording" so it actually shows up in the TODO list until its done transferring, then it appears in Now Playing. Tivo is slow in releasing new features, but I appreciate them nonetheless.

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I moved this over to the Controller Down forum since this doesn't appear to have anything to do with consoles.


As for copying videos, are you talking about videos from a source other than a TV tuner? Because, I thought the whole point of a TiVo was to copy video. ;)


I actually remember doing something similar to this when I had a ReplayTV. I tried hooking up my Laserdisc player to it and was able to play my Star Wars discs through it. Even better, the ReplayTV converted the video to a 480p signal and noticeably improved the quality of the image on my TV.

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Yes, he's talking about being able to point the Tivo at a folder on your PC & copy video files from it to the Tivo.
Indeed. Say your Tivo screwed up and you miss Lost. You download Lost from, something that rhymes with borrent, and then you can watch it on your TV after copying it to Tivo. Otherwise you and your wife will have to huddle behind your desk, sitting on kitchen chairs, and click OK every time an antivirus live update happens.
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