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DVD Roundup 1/29-2/4


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Corpse Bride Low Price

In Her Shoes Low Price

Dune SE $16.99

Legend of Zorro Low Price

Mask of Zorro $14.99

Buy both Zorros 2 for $25

ECW Blood Sport

Super Cross $19.99

Avatar $12.99

Bubble $22.99

Batman $16.99

Edward Scissorhands $12.99

Beetlejuice $7.99

Nightmare Before Christmas $12.99

Big Fish $12.99

Magnum PI S1,2,3 $34.99 Each

A-Team S1,2,3 $34.99 Each

Hill Street Blues S1 $29.99

Muppets 3 movie set $14.99

X-files S1,2,3 $34.99 Each Buy 3 Save $30, Buy 2 Save $15

Roseanne S1 $19.99

3rd Rock S1 $19.99

Newsradio S1 /2 $$24.99

Stargate SG-1 S8 $24.99

Seinfeld S6 $24.99



Detroit Rock City

Mars Attacks

Young Guns II

Dark City

Don Juan

Martin Lawrence

Tom and Jerry Whiskers Away

Howard Stern Private Parts


Whats Eating GIlbert Grape

The Saint

Black Sheep

Vanilla Sky



American History X




Devils Advocate


Oceans Eleven

Poolhall Junkies


Mean Girls

We Were Soliders

South Park


Dirty Dancing

SNL Dan Akroid



Corpse Bride $14.99

In Her Shoes Low Price

Dune SE $19.99

Legend of Zorro Low Price

Super Cross $19.99

Magnum PI S3 $34.99 Each

Knight Rider S2 $34.99

Different Strokes S2 $19.99

Wedding Crashers $17.99

Pink Panther Collection $45.99

Flightplan $19.99

The Fog $19.99

Lord of War $17.99

40 Yr Old Virgin $17.99

Four Brothers $17.99



Reservoir Dogs

Boondock Saints

Daredevil Directors Cut

Natural Born Killers

Last of the Mohicans

SNL Wil Ferrell

Johnson Family Vacation


US Marshalls

Angel Heart

Basic Insinct

Rambo First Blood

Total Recall

Harlem Nights


Double Jeapardy

Enemy at the Gates


Black Mask


Way of the Gun

A Murder of Crows

Red Heat


2 for $15

Forrest Gump

Mean Girls

Italian Job


Pitch Black

Fast Time at Ridgemont High



The Rock

LEague of Ex Gentlemen


Coming to America

Dead Presidents

Liar Liar

Bruce Almighty

Bringing Down the House


Shaolin Soccer

2 Fast 2 Furious

Rock Horror

Sandlot 2

Hocus Pocus

Dusk to Dawn

Monsters Ball



Field of Dreams

Jurrasic Park

Girl Next Door Unrated

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Watched some Dune last night. I wanted it, I read some reviews so I knew what I was getting into. Question, I was under the impression that at this stage

in DVD's that any film can be restored to an acceptable quality. The transfer is horrid. Are there movies like Dune that just can not be fixed because of the original film stock or was this just poor work?

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It's not a fantastic transfer by any means, but it's an improvement on the previous Universal release. I'm not privy to any information on what the state of the film itself is though Anthony. I don't think a complete remaster was done. I'm simply ecstatic to have it the extended cut of the film finally in better quality that the terrible VHS I've been watching for years.

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