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hollismb's setup


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Ah, the wall outlet.....my apartment is wired for surround sound. So, the huge wall outlet does a few things. The surround speakers run through there, and back out to outlet across the room. The B speakers wire into in wall speakers in the bedroom, which, honestly, I've only used like once, and would probably only use if a bunch of people were over for a party. There's also a phone line running into there, which my tivo uses, as well as a small jack I wired into the bedroom that runs the sat/tivo coax signal into the bedroom tv (in the main room it uses s-video).


I do, however, have a network cable (for the xbox) and s-video cable (for pc video out) running under the carpet to a router and the s-video out on my pc as well. Two coax cables run along the baseboard to the door on the right, which go out to the satellite dish. Yeah....it's a whole bunch of wiring, but at least it's organized.


Here's a shot of the seating area:




Office Area:




And here's the bedroom setup:



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