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Stream AV to xbox 360 from a MAC!!


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I, of course, took my knoppmyth (linux tivo) box (which I replaced with the motorola 6412 receiver) and turned it into a media center xp box before I found this link. I know we mac users could use this:




Your music has to be in the right codec though. Let me tell you that file conversion in xp is a joke. I store all of my music as apple lossless and could not convert these songs to windows lossless (a codec the 360 recognizes).


I thought I could convert to .wav first with iTunes and then to windows lossless with the windows encoder program. Well iTunes converted the music fine but the windows encoder lost the metadata. The funny thing is that the metadata is fine when I encoded it as .mp3. What a hassle!


Well I am now going to attack my iPhoto library and see if I can get the media center to play nice with it.



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For fun I am trying a new app that is called Connect360. It is working out pretty well I must say. It recognizes my iPhoto catalog and stream my apple lossless files. I don't know how. In the preferences it asks what type of transcoding you want to select. I am guessing it convert the music on the fly.


It's put out by the same people that are responsible for PSPware (a program I wouldn't want to live without). So Union Carbine, iCamp and other mac geeks, this could be a more elegant solution to enjoying more than just gaming on your 360.



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