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The death of "Die, Give It" Gaming...


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Here's a goofy little side-effect of the Achievement system that we have run into...


While I love the Xbox 360 achievment system, it could mean the end of "die, give it"--my kids' term for taking turns in a single-player game, handing over the controller after each death.


Yesterday we all wanted to play Marble Blast, so we decided we'd take turns. Normally, we'd fire up the game, pick anyone's profile, and get started. But now, with Achievements, it gets hairy...


No one wanted to play in another's profile, or let another play in their own profile.


As I've mentioned already, I already feel my achievments points in King Kong are unearned because we sped through the game all together playing "die, give it." It's not that I care about the gamerscore, but I want those achievements to be all my own doing, not my kids. They want the same thing, and they are still upset that Dad got all the achievements for King Kong. They think I took advantage of them by putting their work into my achievements, and I do feel a little guilty for it. But we would have to play through the game 3 times for everyone to get the same credit, which of course is not practical.


So for MB, we wound up creating a profile called "family", with no link to LIVE, just to enjoy playing together. But now we're all playing, wary that we might just accidently bust out an awesome low time/high score, and not get any credit for it. For other games that require a more significant investment of time, like Perfect Dark or Kameo, I can definitely see a reluctance to "share" a profile, only to have to redo the levels later on your own if you want individual credit. To my 12 year old son Matt, the gamerpoints are important, as he wants bragging rights among his friends who have 360's.


It never mattered before if we shared a game in Zelda or Ratchet and Clank, because there was no public face to the accomplishment.


But with the public nature of 360's achievements, I want to know--and I want you all to know--that my achievements are bona fide Carlucci brand awesomeness! I don't care much about the cumulative gamerscore, but I definitely DO CARE that any high score set under my profile will actually be my doing. Hence the problem with "die, give it".


What are you guys doing when it comes to sharing games and achievements?




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I was in a pretty hard-core competition with my sister's boyfriend as far as Gamerscores. I was comfortably in the lead until one week when he rocketed ahead. I later found out that he has like 5 guys at his apartment who all play on his account. Needless to say, I don't feel the competition of valid anymore, because his friends did most of the work on such things as beating COD2 in veteran or achieving his astronomical Geometry Wars score.


I’ve had a couple friends over to play the 360, but they have never done anything that I haven’t done first, so there has been no problem with them earning things that I haven’t earned. I’m thinking I will do what you did, and set up some Silver Xbox Live accounts to allow other people to play on. Is there a limit to the number of silver accounts you can create?

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We do this alot in my family too although I'm pretty much the only one that plays on the 360. On occasion, if my daughters want to play a game on it, its an older Xbox title or something like Kameo and I created a profile for them to play under. This does however, (just as you said) drive a competition between us for gamerpoints rather than playing "Die, Give It". I don't like them playing under my profile and "messing it up" if its one of my games ;) My youngest even changed the theme and Gamerpic one day on my profile before I set her up with her own. We still play a few games together like Zuma, Hexic or Geomentry Wars but I am not concerned about the achievments or points in those.

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The obvious answer is that you must purchase multiple 360s and multiple large-screen display devices so that you may play at the same time on your accounts. Conform!


That said, you bring up excellent points for which I have no answer. I'm the only gamer in my house, so I don't have that issue, exactly. Maybe Microsoft is the one that needs to drive this, if we can pry them away from their Live focus for a bit. Perhaps they can be persuaded to help a brother out and lead the way for providing as enjoyable an "on the couch" experience as they tout for their "virtual couch" experience.

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I had a little bit of this feeling when playing DOA4 with my best friend under his profile, but I didn't feel I would want to put in the time alone on that genre anyway.


I do wish you could use two Live Gamertags at the same time so you can play co-op or on a team together via Live on the same console, though. I say co-op Live on the same console soley for the purpose of getting achievements on both profiles at the same time. Some games (i.e. Gauntlet) require co-op play over Live to get achievements. I have my own 360, but sometimes I'd rather be in the same room anyway...

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They want the same thing, and they are still upset that Dad got all the achievements for King Kong. They think I took advantage of them by putting their work into my achievements, and I do feel a little guilty for it.


The proper solution would be to take them on a field trip to the inner city to see the various poors...or perhaps a different perspective enhancing activity of your choice that would help them realize that spending an afternoon playing videogames doesn't result in them being taken advantage of. One idea is to have them clean the house while your wife is out, then take all the credit for yourself. Once they see what it's like to really be PWNED, perhaps the sense of self entitlement will vanish.

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LOL! Judge Smail said it best, didn't he?


"Well, the world needs ditchdiggers too."


Maybe I can flip 'em. Turn 'em into my own little virtual sweatshop workers, and have them be grateful for it. :rolleyes:


I'm glad at least some of you validated my experience with this. I think I'll clean up the post a little and send it to Major Nelson. I don't think this side-effect was anticipated by MS when they invented the gamerpoints and achievement system.


I'm sure I'll just wind up biting the bullet and letting my kids have the points when we play "die, give it". I sure don't want to lose the awesome family experience.


Then at least I'll have a convenient excuse when my own score doesn't climb. :P




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