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Pursuit Force (PSP)


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Been looking forward to this title since seeing crappy video footage of it about 6 months ago. It comes out in the crowded month of March but the great thing is I just got the demo for it in the mail today. I am on a roll lately with Sony....got this today and got in on the beta test for Syphon Filter. I'll post some impressions of Pursuit Force after I play it for a bit.



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Played two out of the three levels on the demo and I really like it. Controls are easy to pick up and the different cars you jump to all have a different feel to them but they control fine. COntrols look like this. You can steer with either the analog stick or the D-pad. You fire your gun with the right shoulder button and change targets with the left. X is gas, [] is brake, o is jump, and ^ is your Justice button. The Justice button becomes active once your Justice meter is full. When you meter is full you can do sweet things like fire in the air while jumping from cars or replenish your health meter. Also, the controls change up a bit when you are on a car trying to kill the perps. [] becomes your evade fire button. Hitting it will cause you to hang from the car to avoid fire. At times the driver of the cars will try to shake you off and you have to hit the D-pad in a certain direction to keep from dying. The graphics look very good and the framerate was rock-solid. One of the levels I played on consisted of a boat chase which was cool. I can't wait to play the demo some more and can't wait for the full version.


To sum it up would be saying the game is like all the great chase scenes from Michael Bay's movies. ....it is action galore. :)



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