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Anyone game on their laptop?

Sam P

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As discussed in my other thread, I'm considering a notebook. Naturally, I have some gaming in mind and thus my buying decision will reflect this desire. Including whether I go with Mac or Windows.


However, if you guys tell me that I should just forget about all gaming (even older 2D strategy or RPG games) because laptop LCDs tend to be intolerably slow in their response times and motion blur happens from just about any movement, then I know I can cut back on some of the specs (i.e. video card) and save some money. I will then forget about gaming on it altogether.


So, who games on their laptop? Anyone with any experience at all with this please chime in!



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I have a somewhat high-end laptop, a Dell P4 2.4Ghz machine. I do most of my PC gaming on it (with the LCD screen) and I have not had any problems. I have played RTCW (among others) and didn't notice any motion blur or distracting artifacts. I think LCD screens have obviously gotten a lot better in the past couple of years, the screen on this laptop is certainly better than the one I had two years before.


As you know, however, LCDs have a fixed resolution. Mine runs at 1600x1200, which means for the graphics to look their sharpest, I want to run in that resolution so I got a Geforce4 card as well. I have not had any problems running stuff in 1600x1200 (RTCW is silky smooth), but I haven't tried the cutting edge new games either (certainly nothing like HL2 or Doom3 equivalent stuff).

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I do all my PC, XBox and Megadrive (Genesis) gaming on my desktop LCD screen, to no major ill effect. The only slight problem I have is that for the best picture quality its really useful to have a graphics card good enough to run 3D games at the screen's native resolution, otherwise the scaling artifacts can be annoying.


Screen lag isn't much of a problem though, thank goodness - it would otherwise be a killer when I'm playing Sonic.

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After some additional discussion with a few other friends, I think it's sealed. Much as a I like the Powerbook G4, it's going to be a PC for me!


Iainl and secretvampire, you guys provided the last big of assurance I needed. I love games too much to give them up altogether on a notebook, which is essentially what will happen if i went the Mac route.


Secretvampire, do you mind telling me exactly which model of Dell you own?

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Currently considering this one, which Future Shop is selling for 2k CDN even, with free HP Printer.


Its a 7.72 lbs behemoth, estimated battery life is a laughable 1.5-2 hours (probably 1/2 hour if you're gaming :lol:), and it doesn't even have built-in wireless but I like the 2.66Ghz P4, 512 MB DDR, and 64 MB video. They say the video memory is "shared". What exactly does that denote?


Anyway, any suggestions of other laptops along those lines? Preferably with less weight and longer battery life...


Time to head on to the Dell website.

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