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PD0 Co-Op?


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Anyone interested in trying out the online co-op mode in PD0? Haven't had a chance to give it a shot yet, and I'm wondering if having two players will help compensate for the stupid, stupid AI. Plus there's points for completing the Co-op campaign :)


Haven't played PD0 for a while, but I'd be up for co-op. Main reason why I'm hanging on to the game. I find PD0 a very hard game to like, let alone love.

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Wow. Chris and I worked on the first level in co-op mode on Perfect Agent difficulty for about an hour and a half. Man was that brutal. We got all the way to the end where you have to get to Jack and were ambushed twice. We'll have to give it a go again sometime as I think we're pretty damn close to finishing that level up.



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