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Need Help burning MOV files to DVD


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Hi all. I just downloaded a bunch of HD trailers from Apple, including the new Silent Hill one. I wanted to burn them to DVD to view on my widescreen TV. I have Nero 7 Ultra and was able to burn them, but had a small problem. None of the trailers had sound! Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, or can provide a solution? I even tried converting the trailers with Nero Vision to MPG format, but still no sound. There's sound when I watch the MOV files in QuickTime, but no sound when I preview the MOV files in Nero.

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Yeah video conversion is a pain in the butt expecially with so many codecs, and different specs for different devices. However i never had a problem with burning trailers from apple.com . I bought Toast 7 and i havent had problems converting any type of file. Too bad its only for Mac

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Which trailers were they? I've burned a bunch of things using Nero 7, and the only one I had sound problems with was Superman Returns (which had glitchy noise, rather than silence); some of the working ones were Pirates of the Carribean 2, Ultraviolet and that new Harrison Ford thing with Paul Bettany whose name I forget. I suspect it's down to audio codec choice.

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I tried burning eight trailers from the quicktime site. They were all HD 720p format except for Pirates (which isn't available as such). Actually I looked at it again and the only one with sound was Pirates, the only non-HD one.

The list was




Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Silent Hill

Superman Returns

The Da Vinci Code


Pirates was fine, the rest had no sound at all.

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Ah. I don't think I've burned any of ther others except Firewall (the Harrison Ford film I couldn't remember the name of).


But I used the 480p version - try some of those; they're closer to DVD resolution anyway, so you're wasting less bandwidth downloading them.

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